Writing Prompts

1.  Describe one full day of your summer

2. What are some goals you have for this year?  How do you plan to achieve them?

3. Explain “right’ and “wrong”.  What makes something right or wrong?  What are some examples?  Can things change? How?  Why?

4. Things that make me happy…

5.  My life would be so much better if…

6. Pets:  Some I’ve had, some I’ve wanted…

7. Music:  What it means to you, what you listen to, have seen live, when, genres, etc.

8.  Explain, in detail, a movie you have seen.

9.  You can be one member of the opposite sex for 24 hours.  Who?  Why? What do you do?  Details!

10.  The Picture (of a bar scene in an African American neighborhood)

11. Words:  What are some ones you like and don’t like?  Which ones are overused and what would you do about it, etc.

12. “When I awoke, the dinosaur was still there…”

13.  What’s your favorite store or place to show?  Why?  Give details of the place.

14. Describe your 3 favorite meals…

15.  How do you think we can stop the school shootings?  Why?

16. What do you like about yourself and what do you dislike?  How can you change these things?