Volunteers of the Year

On Thursday (May 31, 2012) during the annual Creswell Chamber of Commerce banquet, I proudly presented the 2012 Creswell School District Volunteer of the Year award to all of the Advisors and Coaches at Creswell High School.

Here are the comments I made during the presentation.

On behalf of Creswell School District, thank you for the privilege of joining you this evening to celebrate our outstanding community members. I am honored to present the award for Volunteer of the Year. But first, I want to set the stage for this award.

I won’t bore you with a report on the declining resources and increasing expectations for public schools. You know all about that.

But here’s something you might not know about: Creswell School District (and for that matter, every school district) is relying upon volunteers like never before to work with students, organize activities, and much much more.

This support is instrumental, and our teachers, our support staff, and most important, our students, are thankful.

This support extends beyond the “official school day” too, spilling over and enriching our kids’ lives. Besides the help we have in the classrooms, and for special activities, we have people who have devoted entire seasons to a group of kids. We have people who stay after school every day to provide guidance.

I’m talking about our high school coaches and advisors who are not being paid this year for their efforts due to budget reductions.

You probably didn’t even know these folks were volunteering their time. They were that dedicated.

With a complete elimination of general fund support, these people generously donated time and energy, and sometimes their own money, to maintain opportunities for our kids.

Our music teacher volunteered time for our students to perform at sporting events, concerts, and music festivals.

Our advisors volunteered time so students could engage in service learning, attend leadership events, perform in plays, and support the school newspaper and yearbook.

Our coaches volunteered time so athletes could continue to compete and maintain their dreams of becoming the next Luke Jackson or Mark Few. Or, just because they loved the game.

These advisors and coaches provided opportunities for students to pursue their passions, dreams, and individual or team championships.

Although they are outside the “official” school day, all of these activities and many more, enrich the teaching and learning that happens during the day, and provides memories for kids that last a lifetime.

With that said, I would like to ask all of our high school advisors and coaches who are here tonight, to please stand and be recognized.

I am proud to present the Volunteer of the Year Award to all of the Advisors and Coaches at Creswell High School who volunteered their time and energy to support our kids. Your time and your energy have made Creswell a better place, in a big way. Thank you.


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