2012-13 Budget Update (March)

(An email to all staff on March 15, 2012)

It’s been a busy month since my last budget update. I want to extend my thanks to everyone who participated in the budget conversations – listening carefully, asking great questions, and providing quality feedback. Attached to this email is a summary of the reduction ideas that our collective group generated.

At the Board meeting last night, I shared an update on State School Fund estimates.

A revised State School Fund (SSF) estimate for 2011-12 School Year (SY) was released on March 3rd. The new estimate more accurately reflects our student enrollment, teacher experience, local revenue, and projected transportation costs. As a result, the Total Formula Revenue (Local Rev. + SSF Grant) increased by $276,956.

The initial SSF estimate for 2012-13 SY was released on March 5th. The estimate includes a more accurate representation of our current district composition, revenue, and expenditures. Accordingly, I have updated our General Fund Revenue predictions for developing the 2012-13 SY budget.

After encumbering our unbudgeted Special Education expenses, updating our 2011-12 SY SSF estimate, and modifying our projected 2012-13 SSF, our 2012-13 SY deficit is approximately $915,000 – a reduction of nearly $335,000 from our initial conversations in February.

Included below is a copy of the handouts I provided at the school board meeting.

We are currently developing draft budget models and will have more information to share after Spring Break.

Thank you again for working so hard to keep a quality focus on teaching and learning.


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