Success for English Language Learners

Creswell School District is celebrating success!  We are one of only three school districts in Lane County to meet state progress goals for students who are English language learners. The other two districts are Bethel and Siuslaw. (Bethel was recently featured in a Register Guard article.)

Students in Creswell are identified and placed in daily structured English Language Development classes which target reading, writing, listening and speaking in English.

The goals for Creswell’s English Language Learner program were:

  • 53% of students improve level of English proficiency by at least one level.  Creswell had 65.85% of students achieve this goal.
  • 15.5% of students achieve complete proficiency and exit from the program.  Creswell had 17.02% of students achieve this goal.
  • 24% of students in the program for 5 or more years exit the program.  Creswell had 27.78% of students achieve this goal.

Creswell School District is committed to providing second language learners with effective research based practices that help our students achieve their full potential as competent, productive citizens of our community.

Kudos to our students, staff, and parents for helping our students succeed.

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