Chapter 6…Students will be able to prepare a worksheet for a business.  Students will also be able to account for adjustments in inventory and transfer amounts to correct columns on the worksheet.

Chapter 5…Students will be able to define terms related to banking.  Students will be able to write and record a business check as well as record eft’s and debit card transactions in a journal. Students will also be able to reconcile a bank statement.

Chapter 4…Students will be able to prepare a chart of accounts for a business and post individual transactions to appropriate general ledger account.

Chapter 3…Students will be able to do a 5 column journal and prove cash for the month.

Chapter 2…Students are introduced to T accounts. Students will be able to determine where the normal balance lies for all accounts as well as where they increase or decrease as a result.

Chapter 1…Students will be able to write accounting equation. Students will be able to determine if an account falls under Asset, Liability or Owner’s equity and how transactions effect the accounting equation.