Creating a mask that will fit your face.

Start by creating a template using a piece of paper.

Fold the paper in half, place the crease in the center of your face and wrap the paper around your face. Have someone mark out the locations of your eyes, bottom of your nose, mouth, top and bottom of your face, and the sides of your face.

Fold the paper in half again and design the outline of the mask.

Keep the paper folded and cut out the mask with scissors. Don’t forget the eye holes.


Unfold the paper mask and fit it to the face. Make adjustments as needed.


When the mask is cut to the desired shape, roll out a slab of clay.


Trace the outline of the mask and remove extra clay


Place the clay mask on a towel and round it to fit the face


Use paper towels to add the contours of the nose and brow. Gentle bend and stretch the clay into the desired form.



Allow the clay to dry some and then begin adding decorations.

The mask will remain on the towel until it goes into the kiln and can support itself.

After firing, other decorative items (feather, gems) can be glued to the mask.