Final Project

Students have a choice for their final project;

Option 1) A set of 3 functional projects.

As a set, the three projects should go together visually. There design, form, and other components will tell the viewer that these objects belong together. Creating three different cups and simple painting them all the same color does not necessarily make them a set.

An example is Fiesta ware. Notice that regardless of the color these items go together. They all have the same form, soft, smooth curves. They all have a heavy, sturdy thickness. And  they all share a similar pattern. The pitch has the same set of rings that are on the plates and bowls.


This set of cups all share the same form and designs and clearly go together despite having different colors.


Sets can be playful. In this set the cups are smaller versions of the pitcher.


Option 2) A sculptural project

A sculptural project does not necessarily have a function and can be either glazed, painted, or a combination of both.

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