Coiling is a ceramics technique where the clay is rolled in to cylinders (coils) and bent to fit a desired shape. The coils are then stacked on top of each other.

Functional Skills Assignment: Create a vessel with a changing width (not a cylinder)

Sculptural Assignment: Create a planter incorporating humanistic or animalistic features

Research Suggestions: Historical vessels and forms, modern and contemporary designs

Written Component: Explain how your choice of features and placement of plants engages the viewer.

Creating A Coil Pot


1) Roll out a slab and cut a round shape.

2) Roll out even coils between a 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch thick.

3) Wrap the coil around into the shape of the slab and set it on top of the slab.


4) Continue this process adding more and more coils. DO NOT LINE UP THE SEEMS. Coil seems should overlap like a brick wall. If you want the pot to expand out make the coils long and rest them on the outside half of the one below.


5) Join the coils to each other and the base with your finger or slip.


6) If you want the pot to narrow, make the coils shorter and add them to the inside half of the one below.


Be sure to continue joining the coils to the ones below until finished. Keep the pot wet by wrapping it in wet towels and a bag. The pot should begin to slowly dry from the bottom up. Too wet and it will collapse. Too dry and you can not join the coils together.