Ceramics introduces the materials, methods, and techniques of pottery design and construction. Emphasis on basic hand building skills, simple glaze application, and an understanding of fundamental pottery processes. It also includes the development of basic hand-eye-mind coordination for good form making, an introduction of historical, cultural, and modern trends and ideology.

Ceramics 1 Syllabus

Essay Rubric


Creating A Narrative

Storytelling is an inherent human trait. In addition to entertaining we have been teaching skills, sharing information, and reciting history through storytelling for millennia. Having a narrative can not only engage the audience, but also inspire the artist.

Don’t give the audience all the answers. Make your audience work for the story. Allow them to use their own experiences to alter or create a personal narrative which speaks to them. This will elicit a much stronger response.

Creating Engaging Artwork

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

                                                                     Attributed to Pablo Picasso

Involving the Viewer – 8 ways to utilizing the viewer’s personal experiences to provoke a direct response. What is your motivation?

Tactile/Visual Appeal

Creating textures that play on our desire to touch or fear to touch, or even repel


Altering an object’s size in relation to its surroundings may cause the viewer to moving to examine or stand back in awe.

Engaging Curiosity

Piquing interest by making the viewer question a piece’s intent or physical nature

The Unexpected

Creating a sense of surprise by altering an object’s common function or characteristics.

Personal Interaction

Drawing the viewer into a living encounter by creating something which can be held, used, or experienced as part of the viewer’s environment.


Creating a piece which accurately replicates forms with which we are familiar reminding us of something we know.

Abstraction and Stylization

Eliminating all but a few characteristics forcing the viewer to use their imagination to fill those gaps, much like a puzzle


Eliciting a response using subject matter and its emotional, intellectual, symbolic, spiritual, and/or narrative implications