5-page Comic Book

Creating a 5 page comic book

1) Come up with an initial concept. It doesn’t need to be specific. For example “boy sees his parents killed decides and fight crime”.

Remember comic books can be done in any genre.

2) Use the plot diagram and the character worksheets to flesh out your story. Some people prefer to create the character first then the plot. Others prefer to create the plot then the characters. Use whichever approach works best for you.

Comic Book Character Development

Plot Diagram

3) Use the answers to the plot diagram worksheet to create a rough draft for each page. Each page will have 5 to 9 panels. Rough drafts are for planning and do not need to be complete pictures. Stick figures are fine. Write out you dialog and narration and have it proof read for spelling and grammar. Make sure that the plot is clear and makes sense. Make adjustments, adding, subtracting, or moving panels as needed.

4) Final drafts will be on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. Each page is one sheet of paper. DO NOT put pages on the back of other pages. The ink will bleed through.

5) When the inside pages are complete create a cover that sums up your book and creates interest. Create a title page with your book title, the title of the story, the artist/writers’ name (your name), and a small piece of decorative art. Finally create a back cover. This can be a wrap-around picture from the front cover or an advertisement for your next book.

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