Midterm Update

We’ve covered a lot of information so far and there has been a great deal of skill development since September. Please make sure your student shares their progress with you. Here’s a brief update on how classes are progressing

Ceramic students have completed our functional ceramics projects and are now progressing through sculpture. Be on the lookout for those projects to start coming home.

Drawing students are working hard on their midterm assignment and will be shifting gears into anatomy and portraiture.

Drafting students have begun working on site specific designs and will be moving into elevation drawings.

Cartooning students are planning their 5-page comic books. They are currently working on character development and plot design.

Woods students have completed all of the required safety tests and are quickly moving through their projects.


Please remember any missing projects or projects that need reworked for Drawing, Cartooning, and Drafting are due January 9th. All of your work can be taken home over the break.



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