Snow / Ice – Bus Routes

2011-2012 School Year

During adverse weather conditions, there are portions of Creswell School District bus routes that may become inaccessible to school buses. On days when those routes may not be safely traveled, it will be:

On inclement weather snow/ice route days, students will not be transported to and from their regular bus stop, but from an alternate stop as listed below:


Route 1 W. Tate Rd.

Route 1 DeBerry Road

Route 4 Hamm Road

Route 4 Danville Rd

Route 4 Tolman Rd

Route 10 Bear Creek above Rodgers Rd.

Route 13 Dillard Rd. above Hideaway Hills


Intersection at W. Tate and Hwy 99

Intersection at DeBerry Rd.and Howe Ln

Intersection at Camas Swale and Weiss Rd

Intersection at Danville and Sher Khan

Intersection at Camas Swale and Clayton Rd

Intersection at Bear Ck and Rodgers Rd

Intersection at Dillard Road and Cherry Hill Ln

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