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Field Trip

Our field trip to the Hult Center is tomorrow. We will be loading the busses at 11:30 and will return at 2. If you signed up to chaperone please be here by 11:15.

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Hello all,

We have completed another fabulous week! On Monday we will be starting our regular reading program. There are 10 vocabulary words and 20 spelling words each week. Unless noted, the spelling test will be each Friday. In the homework packet I will include a list of the spelling words and vocabulary definitions as well as some vocabulary word cards that can be cut out and used for practice. There will be some math practice each week, either practice sheets or Home Connections that go with our math program. Finally, there will be a reading log. It is crucial that your child practices reading at home. 30 minutes a day is what we are shooting for, though more wouldn’t hurt! They can read themselves, read with someone, or have someone read to them if necessary. Talk to your student about what they are reading; if they see that it is important to you it will be more important to them. This is the age when children really develop a lifelong love of reading so let’s get them going!

An important note about homework. Homework should not be a source of frustration for you or your child. If the work is too difficult or seems like too much, just have your student do what they can. Outside of reading, at this point in their development, I believe the best homework is to participate in activities with others that don’t involve a TV screen. Go outside and play!

This is the first week of our weekly checks. This is to keep you up to date about your child’s progress in the classroom. If your student receives an “N” I will usually put a note by it explaining why. I try to deal with issues in the classroom myself; however if something has reached the level of “continuing problem” I will have already contacted you.

Returning papers-

The weekly check should be signed and returned the Monday after it goes home.

The homework is due on Thursdays. Please check your students work, sign the first page (cover page and reading log) and return. The rest of the pages don’t have to be returned.

Thanks for having such great kids!

Mr. Freid

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Drop-in Day

It was great to meet everyone yesterday. I’m super excited about starting our new year!

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