Syllabus A2

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Creswell High School Algebra 2         2017-2018

Lane Community College Math 95 (College Now)

Instructors:  Mr. Gary Jones


Phone:         (541) 895-6064

Textbook:        Glencoe Mathematics: Algebra 2; Holliday, Cuevas, Moore-Harris, Carter, Marks, Casey, Day, and Hayek

Required Supplies:

  • Scientific Calculator (Graphing Calculator Highly Recommended, but not required) ** TI-83 or TI-84.
  • Spiral Notebook for daily assignments and class notes
  • Notebook Paper & Pencil

Algebra 2 is coinciding with the curriculum of LCC’s Math 95. Students receiving a grade of B- or better will receive credit for Math 95 and will be qualified to take the next course in the sequence.

Students needing additional help can come in my classroom before school (8:00am to 8:20am), during lunch (12:05 to 12:30), and after school (3:15 to 3:40)

Learner Objectives:

The student will: (First Semester – First Quarter)

  • Solve multi-step equations and inequalities.
  • Find slope and writing linear equations.
  • Model Real-World Data using scatter plots
  • Use function notation and identify the Domain and Range
  • Solve Systems of equations and inequalities by graphing, algebraically, and matrices.

(Second Quarter)

  • Solve matrices with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Add, subtract, multiply, divide, and factor polynomials.
  • Add, subtract, multiply, divide, and factor Complex numbers.

(Second Semester – Third Quarter)

  • Solve quadratics by factoring and quadratic formula.
  • Analyze graphs of quadratic functions and inequalities.
  • Graph Polynomial functions and model real world data.
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide functions.
  • Find the inverse of a function or relation.
  • Apply rules of exponents, and use scientific notation.

(Fourth Quarter)

  • Simplify and perform operations involving rational expressions.
  • Solve equations containing rational expressions.
  • Simplify and perform operations involving radicals and rational exponents.
  • Solve equations involving radicals expressions.
  • Graph square root functions and inequalities.
  • Solve rational expressions and equations.
  • Solve exponential, and logarithmic functions
  • Solve problems involving permutations and combinations
  • Solve problems involving normally distributed data

Grades: Your grade will be based on:

35% Assignments (Weekly Homework and Daily Worksheet)

10% Classwork (In class learning activities and warm ups.)

35% Chapter tests and Quizzes        15% Semester Comprehensive Final Exam

5% Projects



Grades are broken down as followed:

A:  93% and above,                           A-:  90% to 92.9%,           

B+:  88% to 89.9%,  B:  83% to 87.9%,   B-:  80% to 82.9%,

C+:  78% to 79.9%,  C:  73% to 77.9%,  C-:  70% to 72.9%,

D+:  68% to 69.9%,  D:  63% to 67.9%,  D-:  60% to 62.9%

F:     Below 60%


You will be assigned homework almost daily.  I will be check random homework problems daily. An “Assignment Quiz” will be given every Friday (unless it is the end of the chapter). Assignment quizzes are random problems from the week’s assignments in quiz form. They count as Assignment scores. All Homework will be turned in on the day of the chapter test so it can be used as a study resource. Comprehension worksheets will be done in class for practice and immediate feedback.


Points for participation will be for in-class activities and practice worksheets, games, and acceptable behavior. Unexcused absences and tardies along with misbehaving in class take away the ability to earn points.

Tardy Policy:

First two tardies will receive a verbal warning, the 3rd will result in a lunch detention in Mr. Jones Classroom, and all tardies after that will result in an after school Detention.

Warm ups:

At least three days a week we will begin class with a warm-up.

Projects:      We have a few small projects throughout the year.

Tests and Quizzes:

Each chapter will consist of two or three quizzes to check on progress. Occasionally, we will have short “POP” quizzes. Chapter tests will be announced a week in advance for students to spend time preparing for.

Final Exam:

A Cumulative exam will be given at the end of each semester. Five points of extra Credit will be given for students who show me this Syllabus on the day of the exam.

Make-up Work and Late Work:

Make-up work for excused absences will be allowed and you have one day for every day you are absent to receive full credit. Make-up for unexcused absences will only be given a grade, up to but not more than, 50%. This includes quizzes. In Class activities and practice problems cannot be made up unless you have an excused absence.

Class Standards:

  • Come to class prepared with notebook, pencil, calculator, and textbook.
  • Get work done on time with accuracy.
  • Show respect to your classmates, teacher and the classroom.
  • Take care of your snack breaks and bathroom breaks before coming to class.