U.S. Government

U.S. Government Course Syllabus

Course Description: U.S. Government incorporates the structure, organization and function of the American political system. Topics studied include: foundations of U.S. government the three major branches of government and the Constitution. Students will study the details of the political system at the national state and local levels. Comparisons will be made between American government and other political systems, and students will apply higher order thinking skills as they consider content throughout the course. U.S. Government is required for graduation.  A student must receive credit for government in order to get a high school diploma.

 Grade Components             Percentage   Including:                                                     

Assignments                          25%                Class Work and Homework

Projects                                  25%                Variety of Group & Individual

Quizzes/ Tests                       35%                Weekly, Unit, Midterm

Final                                        15%                Final Exam

 Make-Up / Late Work Policy

It is the student’s responsibility to seek out the teacher to acquire all missed preparation opportunities, regardless of the reason for the absence. Late work will be deducted up to 50%.

 Attendance Policy

Punctuality and attendance are not only expected, but they are necessary for success in U.S. Government. Punctuality and attendance are both important elements that contribute to a student’s academic success and are expectations that will be demanded throughout a student’s life. After a third tardy, students will receive detention and parents will be notified. While students may make-up assignments, the knowledge and understanding gained from the participation during group work, discussions, lectures, and demonstrations cannot be replicated. Excessive absences are a significant factor for underachieving and failing students.

Basic Student Expectations

–       We are Respectful                             –   We are Responsible

–       We are Safe

Course Expectations

–       Come to class with the proper materials (text book, paper, pen/pencil).

–       Be on time and attend regularly. Class starts when the bell rings, at which time the student’s should be seated and prepared for class.

–       Complete your work on time and to the best of your ability.

–       Food and drink are not allowed in the classroom. Water is acceptable if it is in a container with a secure lid and does not become a distraction.

–       Students are expected to stay on task and attentive until the period is over and class has been dismissed.

–       Cell phones are not allowed during class.

 Course Outline

  • Foundations of Government
  • Road to the Constitution
  • The Constitution
  • Three Branches of Government
  • State and Local Government
  • Citizenship and Participation
  • Media and Influence
  • Civil Rights
  • International Affairs

 If at any point you are having difficulty, do not wait! Come and seek help right away so that we can work together to improve! It is your responsibility to advocate for yourself and to maintain an awareness of your own progress.