Sophomore Honors Language Arts

Sophomore Honors English focuses on the reading and writing skills established in the common core standards and building on these skills at an advanced level.  My goal is to help students attain at or beyond grade level skills in reading, writing, and speech.   Assignments and course work will be tailored to these standards, including common formative assessments and summative assessments.   Students will also work on speaking skills and building confidence and ease with the basic communication skills needed for college and job success.
1st semester will cover a wide array of nonfiction and literature in preparation for College Now and Advanced Placement courses.  Students will be reading AP novels, short nonfiction pieces, short stories, and Shakespeare.  Students will be given many opportunities to strengthen reading and writing skills to improve student success in achieving Common Core Standards and their progress will be monitored throughout the semester through Common Formative Assessments. Advanced students will work on writing a timed essay with a clear thesis and strong textual support.