HTML Web Design Syllabus 2016

Fall 2016-2017 Semester 1 WEB DESIGN: HTML Web Design
TEACHER: Mrs. Handman (
Google Classroom code: 42avrsc
Class Description: Art 288 is an introduction to design and communication principles as they apply to web design. Students will also investigate the unique challenges involved in web site design. Students will attain basic literacy in HTML and CSS. We will also have a brief introduction to Java Script. This is a college now course that offers college credit through Lane Community College. Students must receive an A or B to receive college credit.

Prerequisites: The class requires basic computer literacy. Students should complete Computer Basics before enrolling in the class, or else pass a computer literacy test as provided by the instructor.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of elements and principles of design as applied to web site creation. The following benchmarks should be achieved:
• Identify characteristics of a poorly designed web site.
• Describe attributes of a well designed web site.
• Demonstrate effective use of design principles in web design.
• Identify basic principles of typography as they pertain to the web.
• Demonstrate understanding of legibility and readability issues on the web.
• Demonstrate ability to develop site architecture through the use of HTML, CSS, and Java Script.
• Identify basic principles of interface design.
• Identify basic principles of navigation.
• Define page lay out issues in web design.
• Identify issues of responsive web design and how to test for various displays.
• Demonstrate knowledge of current Web Standards through page validation.
• Demonstrate entry-level use of CSS for colors, backgrounds, formatting text and page layout by creating a web site consisting of images, type and links (basic HTML/CSS we authoring).

Grading Policy: Students will be graded on their proficiency in each of the benchmark skills above. Each project will be worth 100 points and graded by proficiency in each skill as we learn them. Daily attendance is important to demonstrate evidence that the student is competent in the desired benchmark. Although I will grade your finished product, I will also be following your progress on a daily basis. Students who are frequently absent may not be able to demonstrate the required skills to pass the class.

A= 90 to 100
Benchmark Not Met
F=50 and below
Students may also receive an F if the instructor was unable to collect enough data to demonstrate the student has met the skill or if the instructor is unable to verify that the work was completed by the student.

Make Up Policy: Students are allowed to make up work for excused absences. You will have one extra day on top of the days missed to make up missing work for full credit. If you missed two days of school, you would have three days to make up the assignment. Make up work needs to be completed during class time or after or before school in the teacher’s presence, unless preapproved by the instructor to take home.
Students who are unexcused may make up assignments, but I cannot accept assignments unless I can verify that the work is your own. I am available before or after school, however sometimes I have meetings or am grading work, so students who need make up instruction should make sure to communicate with me regarding when they will be coming to make up assignments. There will be a deduction for late work after an unexcused absence. Students with excused make-ups will get precedence with my time over students with unexcused absences. It is easier for both the student and teacher if the student makes a habit of attending class regularly.

Classroom Environment: Through the course of the semester we will be working in groups and on a variety of projects. Students work at different paces and in different ways. I encourage each student to work at his/her own pace as long as sufficient progress is being made toward meeting the required skills. I encourage a fun, comfortable learning environment. However, the classroom always needs to be quiet enough for others to learn. Students should avoid any behavior that is inconsiderate or harms the learning environment. I expect all students to be respectful and professional. Students who finish their work quickly will need to work especially hard at being respectful toward students who are still working or need more time. Students who finish projects early will have a choice of either working on homework or using online learning games that have been preapproved by the instructor. I will provide you with a list of appropriate sights. I too will work hard to be respectful and professional toward all my students, so we can have a harmonious, comfortable working environment.

IEP/504: I will work hard to accommodate all students. I will work with your SPED team to follow all IEPs and to set realistic goals for meeting the required skills. Learning strategies will be utilized as a bridge to help students reach course goals. IEPs and 504s are intended to help teachers accommodate students to meet the standards, but should not be used as an excuse for why standards are not being met. I will work hard to make the material accessible to you, but students need to also communicate with me when they are struggling or feel they need additional help. Clear communication between the student and teacher is the best way to make sure your learning needs are being met.

Google Classroom: Students will be meeting in A-100 (Mrs. Handman’s room). We will be using chromebooks and working through the google classroom. Students will primarily be using HTML editey. In order to use HTML editey, students will need to use their Creswell google account in order to access and share assignments.
We will check in with the google classroom every day in order to review our learning objective, assignments, classroom materials, and due dates. Students will also be able to access assignments from home and on any device that has internet access through the google classroom.

Computer Responsibilities: With computers and technology lie the power to do great things and also the power to do damaging and inappropriate activities. Please remember that all activities on the computer are monitored and tracked so please be safe, responsible, and respectful. The majority of our time will be spent working toward the above skills. Students who are off track may be temporarily given paper and pencil assignments until they prove their ability to demonstrate the appropriate professional behavior for school. In the event of a student using the computer to bully or look at explicit material, those students may have to earn their credit through paper and pencil assignments and their right to the computer may be revoked. Parents and Administration will be notified and more serious action may incur, so please use common sense and sound judgment.

The Chromebooks will needed to be handled gently and carefully. Make sure to collect them in an orderly and gentle manner at the beginning of class. Chrome books will need to be returned in an orderly fashion at the end of the class and plugged in gently in their appropriate slot, so that they are ready to use for the next class.