Freshman English Syllabus

Sophomore Honors English 2016-2017
TEACHER: Mrs. Handman (

Class Description: In Sophomore Honors English we will be working toward common core standards, but also striving to engage creative thinking, communication skills, and problem solving that will be helpful for career and college readiness. My goal is to help students attain at or beyond grade level skills in reading, writing, and speech. Students will create work samples in speaking, writing, and reading. We will be using google classroom this year. Students will be able to check in to review our learning goals, activities for each day, and access links to readings, assignments, and practice activities. Students will receive an invitation to join the google classroom in their Creswell gmail account and will need to log in with the class code provided above. Parents will only be able to access the google classroom if they use their students Creswell gmail account and password when logged into the google chrome browser. Students and parents can also access information and links from my classroom website. Here is a link:

Language Arts Skills: Students will be working toward power standards in reading, writing, speaking, and vocabulary. They will be graded on proficiency (ability) in these areas after receiving instruction and time to practice these skills. Students will be asked to think more deeply, critically, and analytically in order to achieve a higher level of content understanding.
1) Ability to understand a text.
2) Ability to Interpret the text using verbal, written, and visual clues.
3) Ability to Analyze the text. Can the student determine how the author has crafted the text through literary devices and language choices to fit his/her purpose?
(Writing and Speaking)
4) Ideas and Content–well developed, interesting, attempts to avoid formula and strives for a unique voice.
5)Organization: Clear paragraph breaks in accordance with content, great transition words between paragraphs. In speaking a clear development of ideas and the transitions between ideas will be assessed.
6) Sentence Fluency: Strong word choice, mix between long and short sentences, sense of flow and style.
7) Conventions: Solid grammar, spelling, and limited errors. Students will especially be working toward a command of sentence endings.
8) Presentation skills including: projection, eye contact, and engagement with the audience.
9) Knowledge, usage, and understanding of technical and literary vocabulary.
10) Time Management—This is a citizenship grade. The teacher will be evaluating your use of class time, ability to meet deadlines, and to be primarily on task during instructional time. The citizenship grade will include attendance, time management, involvement in group and individual classroom activities.
Grading Policy: Students will be graded on their proficiency (ability) in each of the skills, which will be blended with the citizenship grade. The citizenship grade is a tracking of daily attendance and participation in activities and the willingness to share work. I will track these things daily. There will also be daily quizzes in vocab and reading where benchmark skills will be assessed. If a student is frequently gone, I may not be able to collect enough data to assess them properly which would lead to a poor grade in the class.
Below this line the benchmark has not been met
F=50 and below
Students may also receive an F on assignments if the instructor is unable to verify that the work was completed by the student. Most assignments will be completed in class. Some assignments may be sent home to be completed or revised.
Citizenship: 10%
Daily Assignments 10%
Vocabulary 20%
Reading 30%
Writing 30%

Make Up Policy: Students are allowed to make up work for excused absences for full credit as long as the student follows the guidelines and time allowance determined by the policy of Creswell School District. I will allow two days in addition to the days absent to complete make up work with an excused absence. In the case of a long term project where ample time for preparation has already been provided during class, the assignment may be counted late if a student misses the due date.
****If you know you are going to be absent on the due date of an important long term assignment, you should make arrangements before the absence or contact me via e-mail or through the school to notify me as to why you won’t be able to make the due date. I am willing to work with you!
Late Work with an Unexcused Absence: When work is turned in late, I check to see if the student was excused or unexcused. If unexcused the student will receive a deduction. If late within the range of a few days, the student can still receive 70% credit, if the assignment shows proficiency with the desired skill. After a week has passed from the due date, a student will only receive 50% on late work and possibly less if the assignment does not meet the benchmark required for the assignment.
No Late Work accepted after the Unit of Study is Complete:
After a summative (final) test is given, I will no longer be able to accept a late assignment, so students must turn in work for a unit before the unit is complete and we move on to a new topic of study. Please use the google classroom to access assignments from home or the school library. Students can access the google classroom by logging into their google account and then typing “google classroom” into their google search engine.

Classroom Environment: My main goal is to facilitate learning in the classroom and I promote an environment where students can work and be productive. In everything, we will strive to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe. We will be transitioning between quiet times, group activities, and classroom discussion, so our main goal is to learn how to transition behavior appropriately. Students will work on not disrupting the class, producing quality work, and consideration for their peers.
• Be on time and ready to work when the bell rings.
• Stay in the seat you have been assigned. If there is a problem with your seating, talk to me privately about the matter.
• Come prepared with notebook, pen or pencil
• Help the class run smoothly without disruptions. Ask to use the restroom when the class is transitioning between activities and not at the beginning or end of class.
• Homework and assignments will be given in class. You will also be able to access them from the google classroom. Please check the google classroom first before asking me to give you copies of missed homework or assignments.
• Stay on task and avoid side conversations, cell phones, or other distractions from learning.
• Please be mindful of language and be respectful of others. Make sure you create an environment where people don’t feel uncomfortable. Keep conversation and language appropriate to a classroom/professional setting. I want you to feel free to share your opinions and ideas and I encourage different views as long as disagreement is handled respectfully.
• If leaving the classroom for personal business, make sure you are back in 5 minutes or less. Roaming the halls is disruptive and keeps you from learning.
• If you are tardy, avoid causing a disruption.
• Turn off phones, ipods, MP3’s during regular class time and put them away.
• All work should be your own. Plagiarism or copying another student’s work will result in a 0.
• Small snacks and drinks need to be contained, kept from spilling and garbage not disbursed around the room. Food should never be a distraction. Students should make sure they clean up after themselves.
• The room and classroom property should be treated respectfully and students should make sure their desk and any other classroom property is in order before leaving the room.
• Chromebooks need to be handled gently. They should be retrieved in an orderly fashion and put away in an orderly fashion. Students should always plug in (gently) their chromebooks when finished for the period.
CONSEQUENCES OF DISRUPTING THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: If the disruption is minor, I will give students a verbal warning first. If the problem persists parents will be notified, detention time given, or a referral written, or the student may have to be removed from the classroom. I take disruptions to the learning environment seriously and consider it my primary goal to create a positive environment where all students can learn, however I prefer to focus on the positive behavior shown by all my students.
Cell phones are not allowed during instruction. Students will receive a warning first, 2nd: phone confiscated (taken away) for the period, 3rd: phone taken to the office for the day and parents called and referral or detention time given. We will sometimes use cell phones as a part of a class activity, but I will always give students a verbal prompt or written prompt to indicate those times.
TARDIES: Students with three tardies will be given a 20 minute detention. If the problem persists, more detention time will be given and parents will be notified to help provide the student with more support to be on time.
IEP/504: I will work hard to accommodate all students. I will work with your SPED team to follow all IEPs and to set realistic goals for meeting the required benchmarks. Learning strategies will be utilized as a bridge to help students reach course goals. IEPs and 504s are intended to help teachers accommodate students to meet the standards, but should not be used as an excuse for why standards are not being met. I will work hard to make the material accessible to you, but students need to also communicate with me when they are struggling or feel they need additional help. Clear communication between the student and teacher is the best way to make sure your learning needs are being met. If you have a study hall period, please use that time effectively. Please remember that you can access assignments from the website from any location that has the internet. Any student struggling can come for help after school, before school or during my prep. Please make an appointment with me if you want to meet during my prep (2nd period).

Movie Permission Slip

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Throughout the term, movies and sections of movies will be shown to supplement and expand upon the literature and plays in this course. All movies with a rating higher than “G” will be edited for content and appropriateness before shown to the class. If you do not feel comfortable letting your student view movies with a rating above “G”, please note that below, otherwise, please sign to indicate you have read this message.

Parent/ Guardian signature: Student Name (Print)



Thank you,

Mrs. Deborah Handman

Please Sign and Return to me by Friday, September 9th