CHS Drama

Aslan, the animals, and the childrenKing Peter--Reggie Sizemore

Today, Friday January 6th.  The whole cast will be meeting after school to read through the script.  Please report to the commons directly after school!


Thank you to everyone who auditioned. This is going to be an ambitious and exciting production. I am posting our Cast List Here. I am also attaching contracts for this production. I will need both actors and crew to have it signed by themselves and parents. It includes a day by day schedule of rehearsals, performance dates, and responsibilities. Our rehearsals will be every day after school in the commons from 3:15-4:30. Beginning in March will will practice till 5:00 p.m. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can’t fully commit so I can re-cast if needed. Thanks!

Destiny Emma Holmberg (solo)
Ella Izzy Ramirez
Lady of the Night 1: Maddy Marrs
Lady of the Night 2: Tyler Wichman (solo)
Mother: Tara Keepers (solo)
Old Man Jackson Nickell
Chimney Sweep Katie Culp (solo)
Wife Grace Perdue (solo)
Fernando: Blake Nelson
Miles Gallagher Logan Kenworthy (solo)
Lady Howard: Tiahna Schley Kelly
Lord Robinson: Hannah Hart
Albertina: Anastasia Newell (under-study: Grace Perdue) (solo)
Lady Grant: Shelby Lybarger
Lord Raymond Jackson Nickell
Lord Cantbury: Alex Garcia
Lord Renquist: Tana Robertson
Lady Rochester: Brooklyn Grubbs
Lady Bidwell: Alice Gunn
Chorus: Grace Perdue (soloist), Tara Keepers (soloist), Tyler Wichman (soloist), Maddy Marrs, Tana Robertson, Brooklyn Grubbs, Alice Gunn (soloist), Shelby Lybarger, Jackson Nickell, Luke Bagenski (soloist), Grace Bagenski,
Stage Manager: Shelby Lybarger
Accompaniest: Allie Bagenski
CREW—Set and Props
Claire Goslee, Jade Ledgerwood, Katie Culp, Jessica Ellison, Izzy Ramirez, Bentley Watson, Logan Kenworthy, Chloe Thistle,
COSTUMES: Anna Mercer
CHOREOGRAPHY: Tyler Wichman, Anastasia Newell

“A Lady” audition song for My Fair Ella