Be Prepared. Have a Plan. Be Safe

Will you be using the Drop, take cover and hold on” method during The Great Oregon Shakeout

ShakeOut_Oregon_2013_Poster_DCH_WhattodoThe annual earthquake awareness drill happens Thursday, October 19 at 10:19 AM.  Learn more about The Great Oregon Shakeout here (link).

So what is Drop, take cover and hold on?

Be safe and learn it:

  • DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!),
  • Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and
  • HOLD ON to your shelter and be prepared to move with it until the shaking stops.

The Great Shakeout is about being prepared for an earthquake, knowing how to respond, and practicing that response.

Be safe during an earthquake and use these recommended earthquake safety actions (link)  Be prepared for what comes after an earthquake. Learn more here (link)

Learn more about earthquakes and the region we live in:

Did you know that Oregon is in the Cascadia subduction zone?

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National PSAT Day: Wednesday October 11

Modified Schedule for Creswell High School, Wednesday October 11

Parents and Students,

Wednesday October 11th is National PSAT day. We will be running an early release day with students getting out of school by 12:00pm and busses transporting students by 12:45pm. The following activities for each grade level are as follows:

9th Grade – CIS and education plan and profile required for graduation
10th Grade – PSAT Test
11th Grade – ASVAB Test
12th Grade – Senior Project, post high school information, and Senior Graduation planning & picture.

Parents, this is still an education day for our students here at Creswell High School to better prepare themselves for Graduation and Post-High School opportunities. Attendance is still required and expected.

Thank you,

Adam Watkins
Creswell High School Principal