May 3rd – ALICE Training Drills at Creslane

On Friday, May 3rd, after students are released from schools, Creswell School District staff will participate in training to enhance and refresh our understanding of ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) active threat protocols.

Staff will gather at Creslane Elementary School, between 1:00-4:00 PM, to learn how to make the protocols a part of our emergency drills. This training will be conducted by our partners at the Lane County Sheriff’s Office and the ALICE training team.

If you are near Creslane Elementary School during this training, you may see a heavy presence of law enforcement officers and may hear external PA announcements or periodic sounds of blank gunfire exhibited by law enforcement in a safe environment. A reminder that these are drills conducted in a controlled environment with safety at the forefront of the operation.

Thank you for supporting our work to make Creswell schools a safe place for teaching and learning.

Creswell High School – Staffing Update

Dear Families and Guardians,

I have accepted the resignations of Creswell High School Principal Andy Bracco and Assistant Principal Jordan Osborn, effective immediately. Both stated to me that they love their jobs, but that they also love their students, staff and this community. They are very remorseful for their actions and realize their resignations would be best for everyone to begin the process of healing from the events of the last week.

I am putting together a plan to provide administrative leadership at CHS for the remainder of the school year. In the short-term, former Creswell teacher and retired administrator Marcy Rice will step in as principal. Marcy spent many years as a highly-regarded educator in Creswell before retiring as an administrator in Bethel School District. She has deep connections in our community and has a reputation for developing strong and supportive relationships with students and staff at all levels. Also providing support will be Special Services Director David Bascue who already has valuable connections with the high school, and teacher and administrative intern Rob Jerome. We will also begin our search for new permanent academic leaders for our high school.

As always, the most important people on our minds are our children. Creswell schools are filled with wonderful students who are served by devoted and caring educators. We have a supportive community which cares deeply about its students and its schools. This has been a difficult week but we are stronger when we work together. Collectively we will restore the pride and trust that our children, staff and community deserve.

Thank you,

Todd Hamilton