Water Quality Testing Results

Creswell School District is taking precautionary steps to ensure safe water supplies, so we proactively chose to test the water in all of our schools and facilities.

District staff took samples from all water faucets used for drinking or food preparation, and we recently received the results. Initial water sampling by district staff was conducted following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) testing guidelines for sampling water in schools. The EPA recommends taking action to reduce lead at any water outlet that has a lead level above 20 parts per billion (ppb) using these sampling protocols. The District used a drinking water laboratory accredited by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to analyze water samples for lead.

District staff collected samples from 97 fixtures. Initial test results show:

  • Two (2) drinking fountains and one (1) sink faucet with elevated lead levels on the first draw of water left dormant overnight, and
  • All remaining faucets and drinking fountains at normal levels.

Fixtures with elevated levels on first draw include:

  • Creswell High School Metal Shop, Entryway Fountain,
  • Creswell High School Science Supply Room Sink, and
  • Creswell High School Main Gym, Upstairs Fountain.

District staff are taking corrective actions this summer (i.e., replace the fixtures where elevated lead levels were identified), and will retest the water to ensure it is safe for students and staff. This work will be completed before school starts in the fall.

Oregon RTIi Implementers of the Year

Congratulations to Ryan Beck, June Fenley, and the entire Creslane Elementary School staff for being selected as Oregon RTIi Implementers of the Year!

Ryan Beck (Principal) and June Fenley (School Improvement Specialist) from Creslane Elementary School accepted The Oregon RTIi Implementers of the Year award on April 29th at the Annual OrRTIi Conference.

Mr. Beck, Ms. Fenley, and Creslane staff were recognized for their hard work and dedication to implement RTI systems to support students in our district. The Oregon Response to Instruction and intervention team extended their gratitude to our amazing Creslane team for commitment, tenacity and positive outlook when it comes to implementation.

Once again, congratulations!

You are invited – ALICE Protocols Overview

The protection and safe-keeping of all students is our #1 priority. That is why all Creswell School District staff will take part in school safety training this winter during early release days on January 16th and March 6th.

These workshops will make sure our staff members are on the same page when it comes to responding to emergency situations, especially a worst-case scenario of an armed intruder on campus. It is sad that there is a need to adequately prepare our staff for such a remote possibility, but we believe it is better to train for a worst-case scenario and never use that training than to sit back and just hope a life-threatening event never occurs.

Every school in our district already practices fire drills, lockdowns, and earthquake drills. This training will add to our staff’s abilities to respond in extreme emergencies in order to keep students safe.

In order to provide our parents and community members with a better understanding of our efforts, Creswell School District and the Lane County Sheriff’s Office are hosting an informational overview of the response protocols that will be taught to District staff this winter. We invite you to join us on Tuesday, January 13th at 6:00 PM in the Creslane Library. (See linked flyer for more details.)