Open Enrollment

Creswell School District is now accepting 2018-19 Out-of-District Transfer Requests (Open Enrollment) .

Forms must be returned to Creswell School District administration office, 998 West A St., by 4:00 p.m. April 2nd.

Download Form2018-19 Out-of-District Transfer Request (Open Enrollment)

What is Open Enrollment?

HB 3681 was enacted by the 2011 legislature and provides an additional method of school choice for Oregon students. The bill did not remove Oregon’s traditional methods of inter-district transfer, tuition, and mutual district agreement. Local school districts have control over the decision of whether to accept students using any of the methods of inter-district transfer. Creswell SD agreed to implement Open Enrollment, so students may seek a transfer during the March enrollment period.

How much room is available in Creswell Schools?

During the regular February meeting, the Creswell SD Board of Directors voted to accept all inter-district transfer requests for grades K-11 received by April 2nd.

How do I apply for a transfer?

Each Creswell school and the District Office has forms that are very simple to complete. You may also download the form from our website – The completed form needs to be returned to the District Office by the deadline of 4:00 p.m. on April 2nd. One form needs to be submitted for each student.

How does Open Enrollment affect students with existing inter-district transfers?

Current Creswell students, enrolled during the 2017-18 school year, with approved inter-district transfers (i.e., through the regular transfer process or open enrollment transfer process) are considered Creswell SD students until they enroll in another district or graduate. No additional applications are necessary.

Who gets priority?

During the regular February meeting, the Creswell School Board voted to accept all inter-district transfer requests for grades K-11 received by April 2nd.

How will I know if my transfer request has been accepted?

During the month of April, Creswell SD will send a confirmation letter to each student requesting a transfer.

Can Creswell SD continue to accept inter-district transfers (where both the sending and receiving districts agree)?

Yes. Outside of the Open Enrollment month of March, Creswell SD may continue to allow inter-district transfers throughout the year using the traditional process.

What about transportation?

Students on transfers must provide their own transportation. Students may get on a school bus at one of the established bus pick-up points, if there is room on the school bus.

How will a transfer affect a high school student’s eligibility to play sports?

The OSAA Board has concluded that the OSAA will not make any changes to existing OSAA transfer rules at this time. Accordingly, students who transfer between school years under HB 3681 and are not released by their home district will not be eligible for one calendar year under current OSAA transfer rules. The exception to the rule is incoming freshman, who are automatically eligible if they have transferred through Open Enrollment.