“5 Bold Steps” for Creswell School District

Creswell School District’s Strategic Planning Update

On Wednesday, November 20th, we held the third of four Strategic Visioning and Planning Committee meetings. The evening began with a deeper examination of the Creswell student achievement data trends from Oregon State-wide Assessment Overtime from 2016/17-2018/19. The data demonstrated disparities in achievement with students of color, economic disadvantaged and students with disabilities. In fact, the data trend informed us that the largest group of students in the academic achievement gap in CSD, has been homeless students and those in economic disadvantaged households making up more than 50% of our student population.

Our second activity of the evening was to participate in an exercise to examine the community response to the student achievement data from parents, students and community members at our last community forum on 11/6. The Design Team discussed all of the community’s feedback and compared it with the work that we had recorded from our previous Design Team meetings.

As a whole group, we then collaborated to discuss the student achievement data, the community feedback, and our Design Team vision and goals work for the Creswell School District. After reviewing the Design Team charts and discussing all the new information, we revisited our aspirational Vision Themes (what our district would look like without any constraints):

• Pathways – This theme refers to college, career, and technical education pathways.
• CSD Exceeds All Student Needs.
• Community Involvement and Collaboration.
• Prepared for Life.
• Recruiters – This theme refers to colleges and organizations actively recruiting CHS graduates.
• Relevant Learning.
• Academic Achievement.

For the remainder of the evening, we worked in small groups focused on the “5 Bold Steps” to achieve each of the vision themes above.

At our next Design Team meeting on 12/4, we will continue to work on the “Five Bold Steps” in our small groups, and then report out to the whole group when we have completed our task. We will then collaborate to determine the Bold Steps we will propose to take for a successful vision and improvement plan for the next five years.


Michael Johnson, Superintendent
Creswell School District

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