Wednesday, October 23: Strategic Visioning and Planning Design Team Update

Developing a Creswell School District Cover Story Vision

Dear Creswell Community,

On Wednesday, October 23rd, we held our second of four Strategic Visioning and Planning Design Team meetings. We began by looking at input provided by parents, community members and students at the Community Forum we held on the evening of October 16th. The input from the forum was incredibly valuable, as it provided the Strategic Planning Design Team with a broader view of the community perspective regarding how Creswell Schools have been doing with meeting the needs of our students.

After reviewing the input from the Community Forum, the team then examined the district’s 2018-19 Oregon Assessment Student Achievement data for; 3rd Grade Literacy and Math, 9th Grade “On Track” for Graduation, Graduation “On Time,” Graduation with Extended Time, and Regular Attendance. The data noted disparities of student achievement with subgroups within our student demographics to include; Students with Disabilities, Economically Disadvantaged, and Race and Ethnicity. We then had a whole group discussion and identified areas where our students have been performing well and achievement gaps where we could focus on to make improvements.

Armed with the community’s input from the forum and the Creswell student achievement data, we then continued our Design Team work with the strategic plan. The objective for the evening was to develop a Creswell School District Cover Story Vision. The Cover Story Vision is a representation of what we as a community want Creswell School District to be in the future, as if it were depicted on a magazine cover. We divided our Design Team into four work groups to brainstorm big news headlines, sidebars, images, and quotes that reflect the community vision for a successful district.

When the four groups finished with their individual magazine cover story, they reported out to the whole group to share the thinking of their work groups, their ideas, highlights of their group’s conversations, and defining what the headlines of their cover stories represented. Then as a whole group, we discussed the vision themes from our individual work group charts to develop the major themes for our district aspirations. We went through a voting activity to select the headlines that we felt represented our communities input on our values, beliefs and needs for all student’s success.

After voting, combining headlines, defining ideas, values, beliefs and needs, we prioritized the vision themes and developed the following list of aspirations:

• “Creswell School District Exceeds All Student Needs”
• “100% of CTE Students Gain Experience Through Internships and Apprenticeships”
• “Outstanding Community Involvement”
• “Prepared for Life”
• “All Students Have a Purpose and a Plan”

At our next session, we will work through our Cover Story Visions to come up with a tangible plan. We will propose the steps that will need to be taken in order to reach our planned goals, as well as what challenges we will face in the at Creswell School District.

We will be holding our second Community Forum on Wednesday, November 6th at the District Office Conference Room. We whole-heartedly invite all community members to participate in the visioning process for the future of the Creswell School District. We value and need all stakeholder input and look forward to hearing from you on November 6th!


Mike Johnson
Creswell School District Superintendent

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