Strategic Visioning and Planning Update from Superintendent Michael Johnson

Dear Creswell Community,

Last Wednesday October 2nd we held our first of four meetings for the strategic visioning and planning process for our district. We began our journey of “WHY” with the representation of each stakeholder in our district-students, parents, teachers, community members, and administrators. Through small-group collaboration, we focused on three important aspects of our roadmap and where we are as a community and as a school district.

Our first team looked at the history of Creswell in terms of our key events, people, products and services, and goals. We discussed our success in athletics as well as in our systems-Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Intergenerational Reading Collaboration (IRC), Career Technical Education (CTE) etc. We spoke about how it is important to know where we are coming from in order to determine where we are going.

The second team focused on our current context. The context team’s goal was to examine current social, economic, political, and technological trends. We discussed increased access and use of technology in our schools as well as the idea of developing skills as opposed to memorizing content. We spoke about the lack of affordable housing in Lane County and the increase in state funding schools will review over the next biennium. We examined each type of “customer” in our community by looking at the needs of different types of members of our community. Again, much of this group’s time was spent thinking about where we are and where we are going as a community.

The third and fourth teams examined our schools’ Strengths, Problems, Opportunities, and Threats (SPOT). A recurring theme for both teams was how supportive the Creswell community is of its schools. Our strengths centered around our relationships and an abundance of extracurricular programs for our students. Many of our problems were viewed as opportunities such as underfunded mental health services leading to the possibility of a collaboration with mental health providers in the future.

Having observed our current context, SPOT, and our history, we begin to look toward the future. Our next meeting will focus on our vision for the future and the steps we will need to take to make the vision a reality.

As we continue our work towards building the future for Creswell School District, we encourage your involvement. We will be holding a community forum on 10/16/2019 beginning at 5:30PM, in the Creswell School District Board Room where all community members are encouraged to attend and contribute to our vision for the future of the Creswell School District.


Michael Johnson, Superintendent

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