CSD Board Names Finalists for Next Superintendent

After completing an extensive multi-state search, the Creswell School District Board of Directors is pleased to announce two finalists have been selected for further consideration to be the next Superintendent of Creswell with a term beginning July 1, 2019. The finalists were selected from a field of 25 applicants. The board and screening committee thoroughly reviewed the applications and the board has conducted initial interviews with several candidates. The two selected finalists are:

Sean Gallagher

Mr. Sean Gallagher is currently the Superintendent at Brookings-Harbor School District in Brookings, Oregon. He has 20 years of administrative experience in education including twelve years as a superintendent in Brookings-Harbor and Lake County School Districts. He has a master’s degree in math education from Oregon State University. He completed his administrative licensure program at Lewis and Clark College.

Michael Johnson

Mr. Michael Johnson is currently the principal at James Monroe Middle School in Eugene, Oregon. He has 28 years of administrative experience at all levels of K-12 education. He has a master’s degree from Portland State University in Education; Policy, Foundation and Administration. He completed his administrative licensure program at Lewis and Clark College.

The school board has begun background checks for the finalists. The checks will include telephone reference checks and site visits. After the background checks are completed, the school board will invite each finalist for a “day in the district” on Tuesday, May 28,2019. At that time school district staff and members of the community will have an opportunity to meet the candidates. The staff/community forum will start at 6:00 pm in the Creswell Middle School Cafetorium.