Final Water Quality Testing Results

Creswell School District has concluded corrective actions for the three (3) fixtures where elevated lead levels were identified during summer testing.

Fixtures with elevated levels on first draw, during summer testing, included:

  • Creswell High School Metal Shop, Entryway Fountain,
  • Creswell High School Science Supply Room Sink, and
  • Creswell High School Main Gym, Upstairs Fountain.

The Science Supply Room Sink was determined to be nonessential by school and district staff. As a result of that determination, the District chose to decommission the sink and cap the water source. If that decision is reversed at a future time, the District will install new fixtures and collect a water sample for testing.

The Metal Shop, Entry Fountain and Main Gym, Upstairs Fountain received new fixtures. After the completion of repairs, follow-up water samples were collected according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) testing guidelines for sampling water in schools. Test results showed normal levels.

The District used a drinking water laboratory accredited by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to analyze water samples for lead.