Mr. Bulldog 2014!

The annual Mr. Bulldog pageant has come and gone, but its impact will remain. 

The Mr. Bulldog competition raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  Thanks to the generosity of citizens across the community of Creswell, with a special thank you to  The Bean Hopper and Ryan Hoffstot, the 2014 Mr. Bulldog program was able to raise a total of 10,000 dollars.

In this competition for the title of Mr. Bulldog there are no losers, all the contestants are worthy.   Their work to raise awareness for the Children’s Miracle Network leaves a lasting impact.  The money raised through donations and pageant ticket sales helps an organization that gives so much back to children and infants.

Congratulations to Jake Olsen on winning the title of Mr Bulldog!

photo  photo 3