Creswell Education Foundation Steps Up for Creswell Students, Right Down to the Cents

ceflogo1Creswell Education Foundation awards their Spring 2014 Grants

A total of $2,099.13 has been awarded to the students and staff of Creswell School District.

The grant funding is appreciated

Thanks to the generous contributions from many Creswell community members our local school foundation has awarded the following awards to local educators in support of Creswell students:

5th grade teacher Lynn Robertson, at Creslane Elementary: $665.00 for non-fiction books for 5th grade classrooms to support new requirements for reading instruction. The grant will serve 110 students per year.

Science teacher Nancy Buchahnan, at Creswell Middle School: $323.75 for a classroom                              subscription of Scholastic Science World for 8th grade science classes  to                      support Oregon Science Standards teaching.  Over 100 students will be served by the grant.

Health and PE teacher Didier Hemelsoet, at Creswell Middle School: $326.60 to purchase five heart rate monitors to measure fitness levels for PE/Health students, grades 6-8.

Science teachers Anne O’Connell & Kelly Trant-Valley, at Creswell High School: $460.98 to help purchase a spectrophotometer that identifies substances by passing                                       wavelengths of light through them. This equipment will be used in Science 9                       classes, Physics and Chemistry classes.

English and Writing teacher teacher Laura Kingsbury at Creswell High School:  $322.80 to purchase copies of The Glass Menagerie for current CHS English classes. These books support the required  literacy objectives and will eventually be read by all CHS English students.

Congratulations recipients!

More help needed 

The Creswell Education Foundation would love to fund all the grant requests it receives. With limited resources the foundation was unable to fund all the grant requests:

$158.00 for 2 drums for Creslane music; $450.00 for PA system for Creslane PE classes and school activities, $189.00 for one wooden drum box to accompany CMS choir class, $326.60 for 5 additional PE/Health heart monitors for CMS, $200.00 for 20 metronomes to allow CMS band students to check out for home band practicing, $460.98 for full funding of the CHS Science spectrometer, and $693.75 for purchase of 65 copies of The Great Gatsby, chosen book for the state “Big Read” program, for CHS English classes.

$2475.33 worth of requests did not get funded.

The Creswell Education Foundation has asked that anyone interested in helping to support any of these unfunded projects contact Carol Campbell at 541-895-3438 or Vange Bigham at 541-895-4239.

Thank you Creswell Education Foundation and our community for the support you provide to the students in Creswell’s schools.