A Page Turner!

Battle_of_the_Books_greenTheir is a battle happening within our schools, a battle for literary dominance.

With the Regional OBOB Tournaments on the horizon intra-school competitions have begun for student teams across the District. Ten student teams are participating in school battles at Creslane Elementary.  Four student teams at Creswell Middle School are vying for a chance to top CMS’s performance in last year’s sweet 16.  At Creswell High School two student teams are competing for a shot at the regionals.

In the end there will be no ink loss or harsh battle wounds to mend, but alas only one team from each school will move on to the Regional OBOB Tournaments:

  • Elementary Division: Saturday, March 8, Thurston High School, Springfield
  • Middle School Division: Saturday, March 1, Willamette High School, Eugene
  • High School Division: Saturday, February 22, at Roseburg High School

The Oregon Battle of the Books, affectionately known as OBOB (pronounced Oh-Bob) to those who participate, is a year-long competition where kids form teams to demonstrate their knowledge of a selected set of books chosen by the state OBOB committee. 

For more information about OBOB in Creswell, visit www.creswell.k12.or.us/obob.