A Nomination to be Seen

Creswell School District was honored to have two staff members from Creswell Middle School be selected for two community awards, the Educator of the Year and Lifetime Educator.  

You may remember the news from our previous web posts.  What you might not know is how they were nominated.

Congratulations Ken Donner on your nomination and selection for
Lifetime Educator Award

Congratulations Rob Jerome on your nomination           and selection for
Educator of the Year







The wonderful honors came after being nominated by Creswell community members and students alike.

Rob Jerome’s nomination was in the form of a submitted video. The video was created by his students and speaks for its self. It’s worth a look:

Ken Donner’s nomination was well received. His years of service to the youth and community of Creswell are quite the benchmark. A video highlighting Mr. Donner was created a few years back.  It still rings true today: