Fall Dance Classes at Creslane Elementary

Fun & Educational Opportunities Abound:

Creswell School District is excited to help bring these new opportunities to our community.  Working in collaboration with Willamalane Park and Recreation District and the City of Creswell we continue to explore new and exciting ways to engage our community’s youth and community members as a whole.

Creative Movement Classes in Creswell!
at Creslane Elementary. Sign up today

Discover the world of dance with Willamalane. Children learn the basics of stretching, ballet and creative movement. These dance styles support coordination, structure, rhythm and poise.  Call 541-736-4544 today, or register online at willamalane.org

Creative Movement I  Ages 3-6
Creslane Elementary
10/1-29 Mondays – 3-3:45  $35
11/26-12/17 Mondays – 3-3:45  $35
Creative Movement II  Ages 7-10
Creslane Elementary
10/1-29 Mondays – 3:50-4:35  $35
11/26-12/17 Mondays – 3:50-4:35  $35