Enrollment Up for 2012-13 School Year

Recently The Creswell Chronicle reported on Creswell School District’s fall enrollment numbers and last spring’s open enrollment statewide initiative.

Creswell School District sees enrollment increase

By Jeanne Olson

The Creswell School District’s (CSD) September enrollment numbers have increased over the last two years, according to data that the…

…Kindergarten enrollment is below the school district’s projections from last spring, but enrollment at other elementary grades have increased. Kindergarten students may continue to enroll, so those numbers could possibly continue to climb, Hamilton indicated…

…Rather, “the changes we’re implementing in our schools are based on local needs and opportunities that we would have implemented regardless of Open Enrollment,” Hamilton said. “For instance, we saw a need to add Advanced Placement (AP) classes at Creswell High School. This summer, four teachers participated in AP training, and we are now offering four new AP classes for students.” READ MORE at The Creswell Chronicle