Help when you need it @ Creswell Middle School

Creswell Middle School staff continue to host guided studies for students.  Interventions as well as enrichment opportunities are offered through this neat program.  Built into the regular school day this program can reach all students.  Students participants have spoken highly about their guided studies.  Reading, math, science, social studies, spelling interventions along with Jazz Band, fitness, book club and PE enrichment are offered to students in a guided study environment. Guided studies will continue through the end of the school year. They usually last 3-4 weeks, four days per week.

Along with guided studies Creswell Middle School offers OTI (Opportunity to Improve) three days per week – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Parents and students can sign up to attend this after school homework help class. Transportation home is available for students who usually ride the bus to and from school. OTI runs from 3:35-4:45 p.m.  Interested in an Opportunity to Improve? Call the Middle School office at 541.895.6090 to sign up your child.

A Lunchtime Study Table is available every school day in Room 604 at lunchtime. This is a great time for students to get caught up on homework or finish an assignment. Students go to Room 604 and get a lunch pass that allows them to go to the front of the hot lunch line and they take their lunch to the classroom. Students who bring a lunch from home go directly to Room 604 and eat their
lunch there.

Need some help from a Middle School staff member? Teachers are usually available to help students before school. Students need only to check with their teacher to see if they will be available before or after school.

Providing help and educational enrichment.  Tigers Care!