Gracias! 谢谢! Grazie! Tak! ありがとう! Dank u! Merci! Danke! Thank You!

It is worth repeating – Thank you!

Our gratitude goes out to Brad Chvatal’s Orthodontics for their generous donation of $500 to Creslane Elementary.

Chvatal Orthodontics has offered $5,000 in grants to local schools in the Eugene, Springfield, Creswell areas for the last two years. They awarded Creslane the maximum amount per school this year.

Creslane will use the money to hold a Math-a-Thon this winter. The Math-a-Thon will increase student awareness of the importance of math, increase math practice, and increase Creslane’s math budget so more math supplies can be purchased.

“Brad Chvatal, not only have you increased the number of smiles at Creslane, but it is obvious from the work you did on my nephew’s and niece’s teeth, you make smiles more beautiful! Thank you!” – Jacque Robertson, Principal of Creslane Elementary