The counseling staff at Creswell Middle School can assist you and your student in many different ways. We help connect families to resources, and partner with community and district personnel to help bolster our counseling, therapy, and support offerings. We provide individual check-ins, connect students with social skills or transition support groups, help with academic planning/scheduling and career preparation, as well as help students manage the social/emotional stresses that come along with middle school.

Our counselor is available for students and families that find themselves in crisis, or in need of additional support. Our counselor:

  • manages the 504 plans
  • monitors our school attendance program
  • works with staff to run our Connect Mentor Program

Counseling at CMS is a team effort, and each of the staff below are important members of this team.

Ron Connelly

Campus Supervisor

David Niess


Jill Strader

Administrative Assistant