Preparing Students for Success

We will strive to "Raise the Bar" at CMS by focusing on being safe, respectful and responsible citizens. As we prepare students for success, we hope that parents/guardians will become involved in their child's education and extra-curricular opportunities that are offered at CMS and to form an active partnership in the Creswell community.


Shirley Burrus


Kathi Jackson


Jill Strader

Administrative Assistant


Bell Schedule

  • Period 1
    8:42am – 9:31am
  • Period 2
    9:35am – 10:23am
  • Seminar
    10:27am – 10:41am
  • Period 3:
    10:45am – 11:33am
  • 6th Grade Lunch
    11:37am – 12:12pm
  • 7th Grade Guided Study
    11:37am – 12:12pm
  • 6th/8th Grade Lunch
    12:16pm – 12:51pm
  • 6th/8th Grade Guided Study
    12:16pm – 12:51pm
  • Period 4
    12:55pm – 12:51pm
  • Period 5
    1:47pm – 2:35pm
  • Period 6
    2:39pm – 3:27pm