Site Council 2017-2018


Site Council October 17, 2017

Meeting Notes

-Open Period expectations (Concerned Parent) – This agenda item was tabled because the concerned parent didn’t show up to the meeting. Several Site Council members expressed interest in discussing CHS open period student policy at the next meeting.

-Proposed vision statement – “We at Creswell High School empower students to achieve success in college, career, and life.” a motion was made to approve the new statement and it was approved by all members at the meeting.

-Proposed Bell Schedule was discussed. Mr. Watkins explained the time savings that the new schedule would provide students and staff, including 2 extra contact days as well as PLC, staff development, and training opportunities regularly. Jason White reaffirmed that the new schedule would also allow us to meet some of the recommendations made during our accreditation last year. A motion was made and seconded. Paul Goldspink discussed the possibilities of some staff members not feeling like they had a voice in the creation of the new schedule. Mr. Watkins informed the group that he encouraged staff members to bring questions and concerns to team leadership. He checked in with team leadership members and know one fielded any questions/comments. Site Council voted to pass the schedule. It now moves to the school board for final approval.

-Site Council vacancy has been filled by Kim Edwards. She cheerfully excepted the opportunity and is excited to be at the next meeting. 3 community members applied for the Site-Council vacancy through the online district application.

-Next meeting date was set for Tuesday December 5th, 2017 @ 3:30 in the Library.

Missing from the meeting:

-Liz Babbs

-Doug Allison