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The School’s main reception is located at 33390 Niblock Lane. All visitors to the high school will need to sign in at the office, wear a face covering while in the building and sign out before they leave.


Staff Directory

Name Title Phone
Amanda Hoggard Educational Assistant 541-895-6036
Angela Dennis Library 541-895-6038
Barbara Sears Administrative Assistant/Registrar 541-895-6026
Bill Martin Social Studies 541-895-6045
Brandon Standridge Assistant Principal & Athletic Director 541-895-6020
Clint Schradle Custodian 541-895-6020
Deborah Handman Language Arts / Electives 541-895-6072
Devan Work Educational Assistant 541-895-6036
Erica Olson Science 541-895-6053
Gary Jones Math 541-895-6064
Ginger Jones YTP 541-895-6028
Jack Stepp Electives 541-895-6042
Jared Wolfsen Special Education 541-895-6036
Jennifer Dewey Distance Learning 541-895-6062
Jenny Collins Principal 541-895-6020
Jesse Herren Social Studies 541-895-6060
Jody Pyles Educational Assistant 541-895-6036
Kelley Trant-Valley Science / Electives 541-895-6035
Kesch Allen Educational Assistant 541-895-6020
Kitzie Smith Kitchen 541-895-6052
Kori Wanner Spanish/ELL 541-895-6033
Kyla Dozier Special Education 541-895-6037
Lisa Shank Kitchen 541-895-6052
Liz Babbs Language Arts 541-895-6034
Lori Naugle Counselor 541-895-6023
Matthew Shields Educational Assistant 541-895-6020
Mona Stiffler Academic Advisor/Business 541-895-6022
Patrick Doyle Science/Electives 541-895-6020
Paul Goldspink Health / P.E. 541-895-6047
Risa Bryant Educational Assistant 541-895-6027
Ryan Hisey Custodian 541-895-6020
Sandi Green Music 541-895-6029
Scott Worsham Math 541-895-6031
Tristy DuFault Administrative Assistant 541-895-6025
Tyler Hollingsworth Electives / Health 541-895-6030
Virginia Krzenski 541-895-6026
Wheylin Niehus Construction/Woods/Yearbook 541-895-6058
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