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The School’s main reception is located at 33390 Niblock Lane. All visitors to the school, should report to the Main Reception in the first instance, unless otherwise instructed.


Staff Directory

Name Title Phone
Adam Watkins Principal 541-895-6020
Alan Stearns Assistant Principal & Athletic Director 541-895-6020
Amanda Hoggard Educational Assistant 541-895-6036
Angela Dennis Library 541-895-6038
Barbara Sears Administrative Assistant 541-895-6026
Bill Martin Social Studies 541-895-6045
Deborah Handman Language Arts / Electives 541-895-6060
Erica Olson Science 541-895-6053
Gary Jones Math 541-895-6064
Ginger Jones Educational Assistant 541-895-6036
Jack Stepp Electives 541-895-6042
Jacob Klabo Custodian 541-895-6020
Jan Scarlett Kitchen 541-895-6052
Jared Wolfsen Special Education 541-895-6036
Jennifer Dewey Distance Learning 541-895-6062
Jesse Herren Social Studies 541-895-6072
Jody Pyles Educational Assistant 541-895-6036
Kelley Trant-Valley Science / Electives 541-895-6035
Kori Wanner Spanish/ELL 541-895-6033
Kyla Dozier Special Education 541-895-6037
Lisa Shank Kitchen 541-895-6052
Liz Babbs Language Arts 541-895-6034
Lorena Pearson Educational Assistant
Mona Stiffler Academic Advisor/Business 541-895-6022
Patrick Doyle Science/Electives 541-895-6020
Paul Goldspink Health / P.E. 541-895-6047
Risa Bryant Educational Assistant 541-895-6036
Ryan Hisey Custodian 541-895-6020
Sandi Green Music 541-895-6029
Scott Worsham Math 541-895-6031
Tristy DuFault Administrative Assistant 541-895-6025
Tyler Hollingsworth Electives / Health 541-895-6030