Creslane Update 12/7

Winter is here. Be prepared and stay informed.

wintry-mixWhen the weather turns and weather predictions become direwe are often asked, “Is Creswell on a regular schedule?”

When adverse weather conditions effect Creswell School District’s scheduled school day the district will:

Interested in subscribing to the FlashAlert system?  Sign-up today.

With the FlashAlert service you can receive notifications anywhere text messages or emails can be received.

Stay informed by subscribing to our FlashAlert Notification System.

When Creswell School District notifies the system that the school is closed or the “snow/ice bus routes” are in effect, FlashAlert will send you an alert via an email and/or a text message.

Be sure to sign-up today for email and/or text messaging alerts on the FlashAlert system.

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Creslane Sherbet Party!

Good afternoon Creslane!  We have reached our Box Tops goal of earning $1,000 for our school so all Creslane students have earned a sherbert tomorrow at lunch.  A huge thank you goes out to our school community for supporting our Box Top efforts.



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School Picture Re-Takes on Tuesday the 14th

Good afternoon Creslane.  Tomorrow is picture re-take day for students and staff.  Students that were not here when we had our school pictures taken in October will get their photos taken on Tuesday.  If you want your child to have his or her picture taken again because you were not happy with it please send in the photos to school tomorrow.



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Creslane Update 11/6

Creslane Elementary School

Creswell Education Foundation (CEF) has recently awarded its Fall 2017 Teacher Grants for classroom/school projects. Many community members have made donations to our foundation to support student success in our schools. We thank each of our donors and hope others will join their ranks. Donations can be sent to CEF, P.O. Box 206, 97426. All such gifts are tax-deductible.

Creslane Elementary

– Bethany Cross (Grade 5): two area rugs for classroom for small group work  $250.00

   – Shawna Bradley (Grade K): “Twist ‘N’ Write” Pencils/refills for classroom         $80.00   

– Devin Pixton (Grade K-5 Spec Ed): Yoga mats, games and books                       $267.00

   – Brandee Buehler (Grade 2): Scholastic books for classroom                              $150.00

  – Chemen Clearwaters (Grade K): Books on CD for Listening Center                 $149.94

   – Taylor Roberts (Grade 2): Reading books                                                               $100.00

– Debbie Bruce (Grade K-12 Speech/Language): Vocabulary books                    $258.50

   – Ashleigh Thayer (Grade 5): Replacement reading books                                  $273.40

                                                                                                            TOTAL @ Creslane: $1528.84

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Creslane Update 10/19


            Creslane Elementary School is piloting a program with our third, fourth, and fifth graders called Active Recess. Active Recess is being used around the state to improve opportunities for students to increase their physical activity each day and improve their health and academic achievement. The program also has been found to improve the playground climate, bring together students of different skill levels, and coach children in how to develop interpersonal skills to deal with conflict. Teachers also have reported that the vigorous play during Active Recess improves student behavior and their attentiveness in the classroom.


The three goals of Active Recess are to:

  1. Engage ALL students in physical activity with various games and activity options
  2. Improve behavior through increased activity opportunities and increased adult support
  3. Build positive social and play organization around recess

We will be participating in this program each Tuesday and Thursday during lunch recess for the eight weeks. Active Recess, in conjunction with our switch to “Play, Then Eat” and the changes we have made in our cafeteria, is all part of our school-wide efforts to promote student wellness.



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