IRC Reading Program

Intergenerational Reading Collaboration (IRC)

Creslane Elementary School is in its fourth year of implementing the Intergenerational Reading Collaboration (IRC) Program. This school based program supports kindergarten through third grade student reading and the school’s positive behavior culture ( a focus on positive reinforcement, reduced disruptive behavior, and a conducive learning environment).

The Creslane IRC Reading Program brings adults and children together in elementary classrooms for reading instruction in small groups under the direction of the teacher. The volunteers receive training and support to realize the shared goal of building the child’s strong literacy ability by fourth grade. Children must learn to read by the third grade so that they can read to learn for the rest of their school experience.

There is currently a volunteer team of 27 people working with close to 400 students in small groups. Recruitment is ongoing for additional volunteers and new people are needed for the 2017-18 school year.

The IRC Reading Program is modeled after the successful Baltimore School District Experience Corps that has been in operation for more than 10 years. The Baltimore program regularly demonstrates,

  • Better Academics: Elementary students have higher test scores when compared to similar elementary school classrooms without the intervention,
  • Improved School Climate: There are fewer behavioral issues and reduced security incidents, and
  • Better Older Adult Health and Well Being: Older adult volunteers indicate they feel better about themselves, are less isolated with a strong social support system and have increased physical activity.

Volunteer Information

  • Regularly scheduled volunteers are assigned to specific classrooms in grades 1-3 and generally work two or three days per week for 3-4 hours per day in the morning.
  • Substitute volunteers are available to cover absences when regularly scheduled volunteers are unavailable.
  • On Wednesdays all volunteers meet with the Team Leader from 11:45 – 12:45 for IRC team discussions and on-going training.
  • All volunteers receive 10-20 hours of training before beginning work in classrooms.

Volunteer Application Process

Complete the IRC Volunteer Application (PDF) and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Background Authorization Form (PDF). Creswell School District will pay the fee for the background check.

Turn in these forms to:

Creslane Elementary School Office
996 West A Street
Creswell, OR 97426

Volunteer Application Timelines

  • We are currently recruiting volunteers for the 2017-18 school year. Mid-year training will be provided.
  • An All-Volunteer Training occurs each year in late August/early September.
  • Recruitment continues throughout the year.

IRC Project Contact Information

  • Laurie Swanson Gribskov, Ph.D., IRC Facilitator,
  • Ryan Beck, Principal, Creslane Elementary School,