Creslane Update 3/12

Subject: Information about school walkout demonstrations

Dear Families,

In the wake of the most recent school violence tragedy in Florida, there have been nationwide calls for school walkouts on March 14th, April 20th, and other days to demonstrate regarding gun violence and school safety.

At Creslane Elementary School, our top priority is to support the academic and social emotional needs of our students while maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment for all.

We want our families to be aware that no matter what the topic, our school and our district cannot condone walkouts or other demonstrations that disrupt the learning environment. During school hours, students should be in school – safe, supervised, and learning. Students who engage in a walkout are leaving the supervised school environment.

If you as a parent want your child to leave the school building to participate in any activity, whether for a dentist appointment or a political demonstration, you must come and sign them out. Please notify us and arrive well in advance to give the office time to respond to your request and any others.

If any of our elementary students leave the building without being signed out by their parent or guardian, we will attempt to notify their parents as soon as possible. A school staff member will follow to observe, but we cannot guarantee supervision if this happens.

We will always work to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all of our students. Thank you for working with us to keep our students safe. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Ryan Beck
Creslane Elementary School

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