Creslane Update 11/6

Creslane Elementary School

Creswell Education Foundation (CEF) has recently awarded its Fall 2017 Teacher Grants for classroom/school projects. Many community members have made donations to our foundation to support student success in our schools. We thank each of our donors and hope others will join their ranks. Donations can be sent to CEF, P.O. Box 206, 97426. All such gifts are tax-deductible.

Creslane Elementary

– Bethany Cross (Grade 5): two area rugs for classroom for small group work  $250.00

   – Shawna Bradley (Grade K): “Twist ‘N’ Write” Pencils/refills for classroom         $80.00   

– Devin Pixton (Grade K-5 Spec Ed): Yoga mats, games and books                       $267.00

   – Brandee Buehler (Grade 2): Scholastic books for classroom                              $150.00

  – Chemen Clearwaters (Grade K): Books on CD for Listening Center                 $149.94

   – Taylor Roberts (Grade 2): Reading books                                                               $100.00

– Debbie Bruce (Grade K-12 Speech/Language): Vocabulary books                    $258.50

   – Ashleigh Thayer (Grade 5): Replacement reading books                                  $273.40

                                                                                                            TOTAL @ Creslane: $1528.84

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