Creslane Update 10/19


            Creslane Elementary School is piloting a program with our third, fourth, and fifth graders called Active Recess. Active Recess is being used around the state to improve opportunities for students to increase their physical activity each day and improve their health and academic achievement. The program also has been found to improve the playground climate, bring together students of different skill levels, and coach children in how to develop interpersonal skills to deal with conflict. Teachers also have reported that the vigorous play during Active Recess improves student behavior and their attentiveness in the classroom.


The three goals of Active Recess are to:

  1. Engage ALL students in physical activity with various games and activity options
  2. Improve behavior through increased activity opportunities and increased adult support
  3. Build positive social and play organization around recess

We will be participating in this program each Tuesday and Thursday during lunch recess for the eight weeks. Active Recess, in conjunction with our switch to “Play, Then Eat” and the changes we have made in our cafeteria, is all part of our school-wide efforts to promote student wellness.



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