Creslane Update 10/10

Good morning Creslane families. This Friday is our state-wide in-service day which means no school for students. Licensed Creslane staff will participate in a variety of professional development opportunities on the 13th.

Our Jog-A-Thon last Friday was a huge success and I want to thank our PTO and all the volunteers who donated their time to support our students and our school. It has come to my attention that we had over-zealous volunteers providing students with “bonus” tally marks (each tally mark represents one lap around the high school track) so the lap total that your child came home with might not be an accurate reflection of how many laps were actually run/walked during each grade’s 30-minutes on the track.

We want people who pledged money to support our Jog-A-Thon to feel comfortable with the amount of money they provide to our school so please send in what feels right to you and your family. Our Jog-A-Thon chairperson, and the majority of volunteers, had no knowledge that any additional laps were being awarded to students. Twelve laps (3 miles) seems like a reasonable total for a child to have completed during the time allotted so if your child’s lap total seems inflated feel free to cap the per-lap donation to 12 laps.

If you have any questions or concerns about last Friday’s Jog-A-Thon please contact me at 541-895-6140 or at



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