Creslane Safety Drills Information

All schools are required to instruct and drill students on emergency procedures so students can respond to an emergency without confusion or panic. The emergency procedures shall include drills and instruction on fires and earthquakes as well as safety threats.

This month Creslane students and staff will practice a lockdown
drill. Lockdown is the command used in the event of a threat-or
perceived threat at or near our school.

During our drill an intercom announcement will inform staff
and students that the drill will begin. Staff will then be asked to
secure their classrooms. Teachers will lock classroom doors, close the
blinds, move students away from the windows, turn out the lights, and
ask students to remain quiet. The drill will last about three minutes,
at which point another announcement will be made that the drill is over.


Next week, teachers will be talking to students to prepare them for the
drill. Teachers will let students know that during a lockdown it’s very
important to stay quiet and listen to adult directions in order to stay

These are rehearsals that we hope never have to be put into practice. At
the same time we are also meeting state requirements which call for
schools to practice a lockdown drill at least once each year.



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