Creslane Update 9/15

Good morning Creslane families. Our first full week of school is going well and it is wonderful to have the students back in the building.

This year our cafeteria and the food we serve have undergone significant changes and we are thrilled with the results. We have re-vamped the breakfast and lunch menu, we have introduced a salad bar with a variety of fruits and vegetables for students (and parents and staff) to try and enjoy, and we are making many of the meals we serve each day from scratch.

Yesterday we served sherbert for dessert and the students were quite pleased. We had a significant number of students that brought a lunch from home asking if they could eat the school lunch yesterday. We told students that brought a cold lunch that they need to eat the lunch their family sends in and if they want to try a school lunch they need to get permission. We do not want children accruing a negative lunch balance because families were not aware that their child was eating two lunches.



P.S. We will next be serving sherbert on Thursday the 28th and students wanted me to make sure families know this very important information.

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