At the request of Lane County Public Health, I am providing you with this flyer as well as a link to information about the Town Hall this Thursday: Vaccine Information with Lane County Public Health


This event will take place 7:00pm – 8:30pm on Thursday, January 21st.


CES LIPI Parent Letter (SPANISH) CES LIPI Parent Letter

Creslane Parents,

As you read from our Superintendent in his last letter, we are in the first stages of phasing students into our building for in-person supports. While we are not able to begin a full hybrid model for instruction, we are able to begin supports for Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) with Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI). For clarifying purposes, the chart below details the differences between Hybrid and LIPI.

Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) Hybrid Instruction
·      Some students ·      All Students
·      No more than 2 consecutive hours per day ·      No limits on daily school contact
·      Cohorts made up of no more than 20 students, maintaining social distancing and 35 square feet per person. (must also wear a mask) ·      Stable cohorts of no more than 100 people per week, maintaining social distancing and 35 square feet per person. (must also wear a mask)
·      No more than 2 cohorts per week ·      No more than 100 people per week
·      Staff can be in contact with no more than 3 cohorts per day, 5 per week ·      Effort made to limit the number of people in weekly contact.
·      Purpose: To provide extra supports in addition to CDL based on educational, relational, curricular, instruction, and assessment need. Based on capacity. ·      Regular schedule of on-site teacher-directed learning universally designed for students by grade-level. Based on capacity.
*All Students/Staff wear masks for the duration of their time on campus, maintain 6 feet social distancing, wash and sanitize hands frequently, do not attend school if experiencing Covid-19 related symptoms or have been exposed to confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Our certified teaching staff has used the LIPI guidance to determine which students have the highest needs during Comprehensive Distance Learning for LIPI consideration. Using a five-point rating scale, teachers identified students by the following factors:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Academic supports in addition to CDL
  • Social, emotional, mental health supports requiring in-person contact
  • Access to assessments
  • In-person peer-to-peer, staff-to-student relational needs
  • Engagement and attendance
  • Preparing for a transition to in-person instruction
  • Other Needs: Language supports, 504, SPED services, significant family challenges, etc.

55% of our students were identified as having some level (1-5 score) of need in the above categories. Leaving 45% of our students not identified as having any need in our current CDL model. While we know that many students want to be back on campus and are experiencing some difficulty during Comprehensive Distance Learning, we will begin phasing students back onto campus for LIPI based on the top areas of need for our students. These areas are:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Academic supports in addition to CDL
  • Social, emotional, mental health supports requiring in-person contact
  • Engagement and attendance

Because we cannot bring in all students currently, we will begin to phase students into the building based on this need’s assessment, our LIPI guidance, our capacity to service students in-person, and the CES phase-in plan outlined below.

Phase 1: Connect those with limited and unreliable internet to CDL. Students will come on-site to access their CDL classes between the hours of 8-11am M-F (schedule vary by grade level). Tentatively scheduled to start the week of January 19th.

Phase 2: Targeted Academic Supports and social emotional supports. We will provide 1:1 and small group instruction between 12-2:00 M, Tu, Th, F. Schedule based on individual student need.

Phase 3: Kindergarten and 1st Grade School Readiness. Provide in-person social emotional learning and transition to in-person learning experiences to our youngest students. Scheduled between 12-2:00 M, Tu, Th, F. Schedule based on our capacity. (Staffing, cohorting, space)

Phase 4: 2nd-5th grade school readiness. Build class community, orient students back into school life, provide social emotional learning. Scheduled between 12-2:00 M, Tu, Th, F. Schedule based on our capacity. (Staffing, cohorting, space)

Starting this week, we will begin calling families of students identified in the Phase 1 group to invite them to on-site LIPI. *Students who have been identified as having a need in multiple areas will be phased in based on the primary need they are experiencing because they can only be on site for no more than two hours. For example: a student might struggle with internet connectivity but staff best see their needs met in Phase 2 with in-person academic supports.

Because this is an invitation there is no obligation to accept if you are not yet comfortable with your student(s) attending in-person learning. For those who are contacted and accept we do ask for consistent attendance so that we are maximizing our efforts in limited in-person instruction. It is also mandatory that your student wear his/her mask, have his/her temperature taken daily, and that he/she follows all safety protocols.

If your student is not chosen for Phase 1 LIPI, please be patient and encourage your student to do his/her best in Comprehensive Distance Learning.   As Superintendent Johnson outlined in his last communication, we will begin Hybrid plans for instruction very soon and get those to our CES families. Until we are able to safely bring all students back on campus, I encourage you and your student to utilize teacher office hours, check out books from the Creslane Library, and sign-up for Evening Homework Help as needed.

Please contact Creslane at 541-895-6140, or send an email to either principal if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,


Amy Halley                                                      Christi Nicholson

CES Principal                                                   CES Assistant Principal                 

Padres de Creslane,

Como leyeron de nuestro Superintendente en su última carta, estamos en las primeras etapas de la incorporación gradual de los estudiantes a nuestro edificio para recibir apoyo en persona. Si bien no podemos comenzar un modelo híbrido completo para la instrucción, podemos comenzar con los apoyos para el aprendizaje a distancia integral con instrucción presencial limitada (LIPI). Para fines de aclaración, el cuadro a continuación detalla las diferencias entre Hybrid (Híbrido) y LIPI. 

Instrucción limitada en persona (LIPI) Instrucción híbrida
  • Algunos estudiantes
  • Todos los estudiantes
  • No más de 2 horas consecutivas por día
  • No hay límites en el contacto escolar diario
  • Cohortes formadas por no más de 20 estudiantes, manteniendo el distanciamiento social y 35 pies cuadrados por persona. (también debe usar una máscara)
  • Cohortes estables de no más de 100 personas por semana, manteniendo el distanciamiento social y 35 pies cuadrados por persona. (también debe usar una máscara)
  • No más de 2 cohortes por semana
  • No más de 100 personas por semana El
  • Personal puede estar en contacto con no más de 3 cohortes por día, 5 por semana
  • Esfuerzo realizado para limitar el número de personas en contacto semanal.
  • Propósito: Proporcionar apoyos adicionales además de CDL basado en necesidades educativas, relacionales, curriculares, de instrucción y evaluación. Basado en la capacidad.
  • Programa regular de aprendizaje dirigido por maestros en el sitio diseñado universalmente para estudiantes por nivel de grado. Basado en la capacidad.
* Todos los estudiantes / personal usan máscaras durante su tiempo en el campus, mantienen una distancia social de 6 pies, se lavan y desinfectan las manos con frecuencia, no asisten a la escuela si experimentan síntomas relacionados con Covid-19 o han estado expuestos a casos confirmados de Covid-19 .


Nuestro personal docente certificado ha utilizado la guía de LIPI para determinar qué estudiantes tienen las mayores necesidades durante el aprendizaje a distancia integral para la consideración de LIPI. Utilizando una escala de calificación de cinco puntos, los maestros identificaron a los estudiantes por los siguientes factores:

  • Conectividad a Internet
  • Apoyos académicos además de CDL
  • Apoyos de salud social, emocional y mental que requieren contacto en persona
  • Acceso a evaluaciones
  • En persona entre pares, personal- necesidades relacionales con el estudiante
  • Participación y asistencia
  • Prepararse para una transición a la instrucción en persona
  • Otras necesidades: Apoyo lingüístico, 504, servicios SPED, desafíos familiares importantes, etc.

Se identificó que el 55% de nuestros estudiantes tenían algún nivel (puntuación de 1-5 ) de necesidad en las categorías anteriores. Dejar al 45% de nuestros estudiantes sin identificar que tienen alguna necesidad en nuestro modelo actual de CDL. Si bien sabemos que muchos estudiantes quieren regresar al campus y están experimentando algunas dificultades durante el aprendizaje integral a distancia, comenzaremos a llevar gradualmente a los estudiantes al campus para LIPI en función de las principales áreas de necesidad de nuestros estudiantes. Estas áreas son:

  • Conectividad a Internet
  • Apoyos académicos además de CDL Apoyos 
  • sociales, emocionales y de salud mental que requieren contacto en persona
  • Participación y asistencia

Debido a que no podemos traer a todos los estudiantes actualmente, comenzaremos a ingresar gradualmente a los estudiantes al edificio en base a esta evaluación de necesidades , nuestra guía LIPI, nuestra capacidad para brindar servicios a los estudiantes en persona y el plan de incorporación paulatina de CES que se describe a continuación.

Fase 1: conecte a las personas con Internet limitado y poco confiable a CDL. Los estudiantes vendrán al sitio para acceder a sus clases de CDL entre las horas de lunes a viernes de 8 a 11 a. M. (El horario varía según el nivel de grado). Tentativamente programada para comenzar la semana del 19 de enero.

Fase 2: Apoyos académicos específicos y apoyos socioemocionales. Proporcionaremos instrucción individualizada y en grupos pequeños entre las 12 y las 2:00 de lunes a martes, martes, jueves, F. Horario basado en las necesidades individuales del estudiante.

Fase 3: Preparación para el jardín de infantes y 1er grado. Brindar aprendizaje socioemocional en persona y transición a experiencias de aprendizaje en persona a nuestros estudiantes más jóvenes. Programado entre 12-2: 00 lunes, martes, jueves y viernes. Programa basado en nuestra capacidad. (Dotación de personal, formación de cohortes, espacio)

Fase 4:  Preparación escolar de 2ndo-5to grado. Construya una comunidad en la clase, oriente a los estudiantes de regreso a la vida escolar, proporcione aprendizaje socioemocional. Programado entre 12-2: 00 M, Tu, Th, F. Programa basado en nuestra capacidad. (Dotación de personal, cohortes, espacio)

A partir de esta semana, comenzaremos a llamar a las familias de los estudiantes identificados en el grupo de la Fase 1 para invitarlos a LIPI en el sitio. * Los estudiantes que han sido identificados con una necesidad en múltiples áreas serán graduados en función de la necesidad principal que es tén experimentando porque solo pueden estar en el sitio por no más de dos horas. Por ejemplo: un estudiante puede tener dificultades con la conectividad a Internet, pero el personal ve mejor sus necesidades satisfechas en la Fase 2 con apoyo académico en persona. 

Debido a que se trata de una invitación, no hay obligación de aceptarla si aún no se siente cómodo con que sus estudiantes asistan al aprendizaje en persona. Para aquellos que son contactados y aceptan, pedimos asistencia constante para maximizar nuestros esfuerzos en la instrucción limitada en persona. También es obligatorio que su estudiante use su máscara, que le tomen la temperatura diariamente y que siga todos los protocolos de seguridad.  

Si su estudiante no es elegido para la Fase 1 de LIPI, tenga paciencia y anime a su estudiante a que haga lo mejor que pueda en el aprendizaje integral a distancia. Como el Superintendente Johnson describió en su última comunicación, comenzaremos planes híbridos para la instrucción muy pronto y los llevaremos a nuestras familias de CES. Hasta que podamos traer a todos los estudiantes de manera segura al campus, los animo a usted y a su estudiante a utilizar el horario de oficina de los maestros, sacar libros de la biblioteca de Creslane y registrarse para recibir ayuda con las tareas por la noche según sea necesario.

Comuníquese con Creslane al 541-895-6140 o envíe un correo electrónico a cualquiera de los directores si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud.


Amy Halley Christi Nicholson

Directora de CES Subdirectora de CES

Hello, Creslane Families!

This year we were unable to host our annual jog-a-thon. While this was a bit of a bummer, we aren’t going to let it stop us from running some kind of “thon.” Well, I guess it did stop us from running as part of our “thon” but that doesn’t matter. This year we are going to do a read-a-thon!

We are still hoping that you will search for sponsors but this year we wanted to shift our goal from tracking money raised to hours read by our kids. As such, kids will earn prizes for total hours read and not money raised. BUT THE MONEY STILL HELPS!

How does a read-a-thon work?

Everyone will receive a link ( that they can send to friends, family, neighbors, or whoever you like. The link is to a form where they can sign up to support their favorite young readers. Sponsors will have the option of donating money per hour read by the child or a set amount.

Kids will be able to use this link ( to track their hours read. Students can submit their hours read every day or save them up and turn them all in at the end. Whatever works best for your family!

At the end of the read-a-thon each reader will be told how many hours they completed so they can inform any sponsors they might have. Sponsors can then pay via credit card, PayPal or a check made out to Creslane PTO. Again, sponsors are great, but reading is better!

When is the read-a-thon? The read-a-thon will run from January 15th to February 15th of 2021.

What books can kids read? They can read whatever they want to read! Comic books, chapter books, picture books. It doesn’t matter! All reading is reading and since we are going by hours spent reading rather than pages read or books finished it won’t have an impact on the final reading count for each child.

Read-A-Thon Prizes

• Each student who gets at least $1 in sponsorships will be put in a drawing for a student desk!

• Each student who logs a total of 5 hours or more will be put in a drawing for a student desk!

• The top 2 individual readers of each grade level who read the most hours will win a $10 Amazon gift card!

• The class who reads the most hours will win a gift card to Bean Hopper for a free kids drink for everyone in the class! AND this class of readers will earn their teacher a gift card to a Creswell restaurant of their choice!

• If we reach our school wide goal of 500 hours, Nick the Creswell youth librarian will sing karaoke for the whole school. And the kids will get to help pick the song! As a reminder the Creslane Library is open for checkout.

The link to reserve books at the Creslane Library is:

Pick-up occurs each Wednesday from 12:30-2:30 in the parent pick-up line.

As the official school photographer for Creslane Elementary School we are excited to take your photos. Click on the link below to schedule an appointment for your student(s).

We will be taking individual photos for your school on January 21st & 22nd. Do not delay, please schedule your appointment today!

Please come to the school to check-in and ensure you are wearing a face mask. Appointments are required and can be scheduled using the link above. If you are early please remain in your car until 3 minutes prior to your appointment time. When you arrive, we ask that students wear a face mask until your appointment starts. Our photographer will also be wearing a mask and we will be sanitizing often.

Please wait until picture retake day if you are having any COVID-type symptoms.

If you are not able to join us for pictures this time please know we will be back at school for retakes later this year and are happy to take your photo at that time.

Pre-Order Pictures Today!

You have the ability to pre-order pictures only by visiting and searching for your school name. Your online order can be placed now and up to four (4) days after picture day. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Customer Advocate Team by email at or by phone at (800) 826-3535.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Creslane Families,

We have been made aware that Pacific Power is preforming maintenance work starting today through December 23rd in the Creswell area. This could cause intermittent power outages impacting up to 1600 customers, including the possibility of Creswell School District.

If your child experiences connectivity issues as a result please communicate with your child’s teacher, once power resumes and they will be excused. From what we were told the outages should be brief so we do encourage students to be patient and log into Zoom once power returns.

If a power outage impacts Creslane and or your teacher's home they will communicate with you once they are able. We will continue to follow our school schedule even if we experience a power outage. 

While we don’t want students to be worried over connectivity we do ask students/parents contact their teachers so they can bring them up to speed on any instruction they may have missed. Students should still login and complete Acellus and Seesaw assignments so long as power cooperates.

If you have any questions please contact the school office so we can assist you.

Thank you,


Amy Halley & Christi Nicholson