Five days left of learning!

Dear Creslane Families,

We are nearing the end of the year and with just a little over a week left (5 student contact days remaining) there are some reminders I wanted to share with you.

  • Library books need to be returned by the end of the school year. Please drop those off during the lunch service June 3, 4, 8, 9, or 10th from 11-12:30. You can also bring them on June 5th from 10-2:00 where packet distribution takes place in the parent pick up line at Creslane. If you are not sure if your child has a book checked out please talk with your child’s classroom teacher.
  • This Friday, June 5th, will be the last day to pick up distance learning work packets for students who are not accessing distance learning via Google Classroom or Seesaw. The packets that get distributed on Friday will not be returned to school.
  • June 15th and 16th we ask families to bring technology checked out for distance learning back to the building from 9-12:00 & 1-3:00. Remember to bring the power cords along with the device you checked out from the district. If you have children in multiple buildings you can deliver devices to one school site.
  • Any last lost and found or student supply bags will be donated or discarded once school is out. There is a slide show on the school website with items needing to find their way home. Teachers can let you know if your child has a bag of supplies needing to be picked up. Those can be picked up this Friday, June 5th, from 10-2:00 in the parent pick up line.
  • Our last official day of school and distance learning will be June 10th. Please help your child finish strong by attending their last few class meetings and by completing their classwork.
  • Grades will be mailed home to families the week of June 15th. Fifth grade students will collect their report cards at the drive-thru promotion June 8th. As shared with you in an earlier correspondence the report cards will look a bit differently than they have in the past. Your child will earn a “pass” or “incomplete” based on their progress up through March 13th and with any participation in distance learning.
  • If you are moving and do not plan to return back to Creslane next school year please notify the front office. If you are moving but still want your child to remain a student at Creslane you will need to fill out the inter-district transfer request that can be found on the district website.

This week we are participating in one last Spirit Week. Students learned about this in the weekly principal message and in their virtual classrooms. Our focus for this week’s activities center around “Kindness”. We hope students participate and find an opportunity to #BeTheNiceKid! (click on image to enlarge)


Congratulations to our final Mustangs of the Month! Parents will be getting a separate email inviting them to join Mrs. Halley for a Zoom meeting where we will get a group picture for the paper. Nice job to all our students this year in showing safe, respectful, and responsible behavior.

One final piece of information some of you might have already seen comes from the Creslane PTO. The PTO has teamed up with Amazon Smile in an easy, no extra cost to you fundraiser. If you find yourself shopping online consider signing up with Amazon Smile and select Creslane as the charity of your choice. 0.5% of eligible purchases will be donated to our school with minimal effort! Please spread the word to family and friends who would like to help support Creslane Elementary School. We appreciate any support you can provide.

You can sign-up here:

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. I am extremely proud of how hard the students, staff, and PARENTS have really pulled together to keep students engaged in learning through this school closure. While the building was closed the school community was still thriving! Creswell is an incredible place and I feel honored to be a part of this community.


Principal, Amy Halley


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End of year updates

Mustang Families,

Thank you for partnering with us as we all navigate Distance Learning For All. Our partnership is critical and has allowed us to find successes while navigating the challenges that come with this epidemic. Thank you for the continued support and we’d like to provide you with a few updates as we begin to wind down the 2019-20 school year.

As you saw in Superintendent Johnson’s email we are moving forward with four furlough days this school year. This we hope has a minimal impact on students. Below you will see the remaining operating schedule for the 2019-20 school year.

On the days we are furloughed distance learning packets will still be distributed. As a reminder you can still return packets and any school library books May 22nd, 29th and June 5th. If you have claimed any lost and found items those will be available for picked up along with any unclaimed student supply bags during the 10-2:00 time slot.




Thurs/Fri Lunch service


10-2:00 Packet Distribution






26 27 28

Thurs/Fri Lunch service


10-2:00 Packet Distribution





1 2 3 4

Thurs/Fri Lunch service


LAST 10-2:00 Packet Distribution






9 10



Last day of lunch service






Teacher grading day

**Further communication will be communicated explaining the process to return technology borrowed from the school district.

Grade reports will look a bit different this semester. Distance Learning for All adjusts the way in which we report student progress. The guidelines require report cards use a PASS/INCOMPLETE scoring system. We want to acknowledge all students’ efforts to continue to their education while learning remotely and we are committed as a school to make the adjustments to our curriculum to accommodate student’s individual and collective needs. Report cards will be mailed home the week of June 15th. If you have questions about the report card process we are happy to help answer those for you.

Teachers, specialists, and admin will be creating class lists for the next school year. We take many factors into consideration to make well-balanced classes with academics, behavior and student needs at the heart of our decisions. If you have moved and do not plan to return to Creslane next year please let your classroom teacher or the main office know so we can include that information in the placement process. Inter-district transfer information can be found on the district website for those who have moved but are interested in remaining at Creslane.

Thank you once again for working along side teachers and staff. We understand the challenges and burdens that this school closure has had on families and students. We appreciate our families and look forward to continued collaborative efforts in the future.


Thank you,

Principals Amy Halley & Devin Pixton

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May 4th-8th Teacher Appreciation and Distribution of Student Belongings

Creslane Families,

While we are away learning from a distance we are not limited on activity! This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Help us show our teachers some love with themed activities all week long.

  • MONDAY: Flood teachers emails with praise and share special memories you have with them
  • TUESDAY: Make art! Send pictures of something you made for them using things around your house.
  • WEDNESDAY: Share smiles by making teachers laugh with jokes or a funny story to brighten their day.
  • THURSDAY: Sing or share a song that reminds you of your teachers. You can even write your own!
  • FRIDAY: In honor of our teacher heroes dress up as your favorite hero and tell your teacher how they have changed your life!

Check out the school’s Facebook page to play “Guess the Creslane Staff Member” in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

This week we are also prepared to unite students with their belongings. To help get 620+ bags of belongings back to students we are asking you come based on your last name.




Please drive through the parent pick-up line between 1:00-3:00 on your assigned day. We ask that you stay in your vehicle and a staff person will help you. We will be accepting library books back from students at this time as well.  We hope this will be a smooth process and ask for your patience.

We created a virtual lost and found for students and families to view. We are hoping to connect you all with your belongings so please take a moment to see if anything belongs in your child’s closet.

All items will be donated after June 12th.

Monday we will be announcing Mustang of the Month for the month of April! We are so proud of all of our students and the hard work they have put in to continue learning and connecting with school.  Keep up the hard work and lets have a wonderful week!

Principal Amy Halley

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Pick-Up Personal Belongings May 4th, 5th, 6th

Creslane Families,

We have been preparing to connect students with their personal belongings and to collect any school owned library books. This week staff have bagged and labeled items for students to pick up next week. We have scheduled time slots for families to collect their student’s items from the comfort of their vehicles, outlined in the schedule below.

Nurse Melissa will be contacting families of students who still have medication on campus and we will be posting a virtual lost and found on our website Saturday, May 2nd. Directions on how to claim lost and found items will be shared Saturday with that slideshow.

We ask that you abide by the following social distancing guidelines as we reunite students to with their personal belongs.

  1. Enter the parking lot through the “parent pick-up” lane.
  3. If you are dropping off library books as well, please notify staff and hand the books through the car window.
  4. Please state the name(s)/grade(s) of the student(s) that you are picking up items for.
  5. Please roll down your passenger side window and bags will be placed on seat.
  6. Once you are finished, please drive safely and exit the parking lot.
Monday May 4 1:00-3:00 Tuesday May 5 1:00-3:00 Wednesday May 6 1:00-3:00
Students with the last name starting with A through H Students with the last name starting with I through P Students with the last name starting with Q through Z

Thank you for your cooperation!

Principals, Amy Halley & Devin Pixton

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School Closure Supports

Parents! We want to hear from you! 
The pandemic has left many families without the supports they are accustomed to. Here at Creswell, we are your partners in education and want to offer support in any way we can. Our team can provide direction to resources and offer informational support.  
Go to our new COVID-19 district resource center webpage or 
contact us by clicking here.
Thank you,
Principal Amy Halley
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