Freshman Year

This Is Your Year To Explore Possibilities

Check out this site for a fun and informative checklist into how to kick-start your college and career plans:

Every Year:

  • At the first of the year, revisit your four-year plan for high school classes.
  • Study hard and do well in school – From now on your grades will count toward college and will show up on your transcript.
  • Establish strong study habits and time management skills.
  • Participate in student/parent career planning opportunities.
  • Allow time to read newspapers, magazines, and books.  Reading different types of literature better prepares you for placement and entrance exams for college & career.

Freshmen Year:

  • Enjoy School! This is a time when you are developing as a student and a person.
  • Use the library.
  • Visit the College and Career Center.
  • Enter essay, speech contests, for scholarships and awards.
  • Pursue extracurricular activities. Join or start a club.
  • Evaluate your college-financing plan.
  • In the spring, review your curriculum plan. Ensure that your scheduling requests for sophomore year meet your career/education goals.
  • Get  involved in your community by being of service to others.
  • Find some internships or a hobby that could potentially turn into a career.
  • Start to attend events on college campuses (plays, concerts, sporting events, activities related to your major, etc.)
  • Get to know your high school counselor and stop by the College and Career Center. Let them get to know you and your goals, career aspirations, schools you are considering, etc.